Matt Gaetz Throws Paul Ryan Under The Bus, Claims Today Was the First Time He Heard Lawmakers Call to Remove Speaker Ryan

Kirsters Baish| Yesterday, Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz joined Fox News’ Lou Dobbs for an interview. During their conversation, Gaetz came at Speaker Paul Ryan for having defended the corrupt Deep State and for not defending Republican congressional investigators.

Paul Ryan actually defended the FBI under the command of former President Barack Obama and the fact that they spied on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Can you believe this guy?

Representative Gaetz stated:

There is no defense today for Paul Ryan siding with the FBI and Department of Justice against those of us in the Congress who are working for transparency and accountability… We need the Speaker to be an institutionalist of the Congress and not to be a defender of the Deep State… The silence from our very own Speaker is deafening. He needs to speak up. He needs to join us in a call for a second Special Counsel. And for goodness sakes, stop defending the FBI’s collection of intelligence on the Trump campaign when they refuse to give us the documents to show whether or not they broke the law… As you know I run in the conservative circles of the House. And I have never up to this point heard a single person talk removing Speaker Ryan from the speakership. Today for the first time I was hearing colleagues say, “Well if Speaker Ryan won’t stand with us in this fight over the essentials of our democracy, not weaponizing the intelligence community against a presidential campaign, do we need to look at other choices?” So I think that remains a lingering question.

Take a look at the clip from Lou Dobbs Tonight:

Gaetz has been frustrated with Ryan for comments he made agreeing with Trey Gowdy in the claim that he had seen no evidence that supports President Trump’s statement that there was a mole planted in his 2016 presidential campaign. Ryan has also stated in the past that no one is “above the law,” referring to President Trump’s comment that he would be able to pardon himself.

Gaetz called Ryan a “Deep State” defender.

The Hill writes:

Trump and his conservative allies have pushed the theory, without evidence, that the FBI embedded a “spy” in his campaign for political purposes. They have argued the use of the informant is an example of bias within the bureau.

House Intelligence Comittee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has pushed for the release of classified information about the FBI informant, but has been rebuffed thus far.

Paul Ryan had better watch himself, because his betrayal to the Republican Party has not left him in a very good place. The entire party is becoming fed up with his games, and it’s good to see Representative Gaetz calling him out on his behavior.