Matt Gaetz Calls Out Rosenstein, Asks Him The Million Dollar Question About FISA Warrant For Carter Pages: Did You Read The FISA Memo You Signed?

Kirsters Baish| With FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein publicly testifying on Capitol Hill in front of House Republicans on the Spygate and the Hillary Clinton private server investigation, things got very heated. House Republicans voted in favor of forcing the Department of Justice to comply with their demands of handing over all related documents to the Trump/Russia investigation, or face contempt and/or impeachment.

Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz really dug into Rosenstein when he refused to answer Gaetz’s question as to whether or not he even read the FISA warrant on Carter Page before he signed off on it. Rosenstein answered, “I’m not going to comment on any FISA applications.”

Congressman Gaetz tore the Deputy Attorney General apart, questioning over and over if he had even read the warrant or if someone had simply briefed him on the contents by someone from the FBI… which included both anti-Trump agents, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

When it was all said and done, Rosenstein finally admitted that no one had even briefed him on the document, however, he still wouldn’t have answered the question even if he had looked at it before signing it.

Take a look at the video of the exchange below:

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein would not answer Representative DeSantis either when he questioned if he had read the warrant before signing it.

Gaetz also grilled Rosenstein on when the bureau actually began investigating the Trump/Russia collusion story.

The Daily Caller reports that Gaetz questioned, “Are you aware, as you sit here today, of any payments that were made to any person to collect intelligence on the Trump campaign prior to July 31, 2016?”

“No. Keep in mind, I wasn’t there. I only know the information we’ve obtained from the FBI Records,” Rosenstein responded.

“Are you, as you sit here today, aware of any efforts to contact Roger Stone that occurred prior to July 31, 2016?” Gaetz grilled.

“I don’t have any personal knowledge, congressman, but I know we’re seeking to respond to Devin Nunes’ request,” Rosenstein stated.

“Same question with regard to Michael Caputo,” Gaetz went on.

“I wasn’t there, so I can only answer questions that we direct to the FBI,” Rosenstein answered.

“You’re there now, right? I mean — have you asked these questions of anyone?” Gaetz asked.

“We have absolutely conveyed all the questions Chairman Nunes has raised and I’m optimistic that they’ll be able to respond to him fairly soon,” Rosenstein answered.

It’s truly disgusting the way this man believes that he is above the law.