Manafort’s Attorneys Destroy Mueller’s Star Wittness, Force Him To Confess To Lying, Stealing & Cheating Destroying His Credibility

Kirsters Baish| The Paul Manafort tax evasion and bank fraud trial is in full swing this week, and his former business associate Rick Gates was brought in to testify. Manafort’s lawyers tore Gates to shreds on Tuesday, as they portrayed him as a crook who embezzled millions in order to foot the bill for his secret life with his mistress.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the witness couldn’t hold himself together during the cross examination on Tuesday, going so far as to perjure himself.

Gates originally plead guilty and agreed to comply with Mueller’s prosecution. They referred to Gates as the Special Counsel’s “star witness.”

Gates testified this past Monday that he was guilty of having committed crimes during his time working for Manafort. These crimes go back multiple years before the 2016 presidential campaign. Manafort’s former business associate also testified that he had aided Manafort in filing false tax returns. He also claimed that he had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort, as reported by CNN.

Manafort’s attorneys ended up showing Gates as the crook and liar that he really is on Tuesday.

During his Tuesday morning testimony, the 46-year-old father of four admitted to having a mistress in London, England.

As reported by the Daily Mail:

Paul Manafort’s former deputy Rick Gates admitted to using offshore bank accounts to pay for a secret extramarital affair, including providing a London apartment for his mistress and luxury trips through Europe, during Manafort’s tax and bank fraud trial on Tuesday afternoon.

Manafort’s defense attorneys accused Gates of embezzling money from the former Trump campaign chairman to fund his ‘secret life’ and overseas mistress during an explosive exchange at the trial on Tuesday.

Gates also told the court he might have stolen money from the Trump inauguration committee while he was a staffer there after the election.

Gates, a 46-year-old married father of four and the government’s key witness in the case, appeared to wither under cross examination from Manafort’s attorneys, twitching and fumbling with his words when questioned about what the defense described as his ‘secret life.’

“I acknowledge I had a period of time when I had another relationship,” Gates admitted in court. The woman that he had an affair with remains anonymous.

Gates admitted that he bought a “flat in London” and flights to the Ukraine to fuel the affair. He used money from foreign bank accounts. The defense claims that the money in these foreign accounts was stolen from Paul Manafort. Gates also spoke about “fancy hotels” and “trips to Europe” with the money that the defense insisted that he had stolen… which was roughly $2.5 million.

Gates used stolen money in order to go to Las Vegas, Nevada for a meeting with a movie producer. Gates admitted that this could be considered embezzling.

The witness seemed to be nervous during his Tuesday testimony. He used wording such as “it’s possible” and “I don’t recall” multiple times during the time that Manafort’s lawyers were questioning him, as reported by the Guardian.

The defense wrecked the witness’ credibility. Defense lawyer Kevin Downing actually asked Gates, “After all the lies you’ve told and fraud you’ve committed, you expect this jury to believe you?”

“Yes.” Gates answered.

More court transcripts from The Guardian:

“When did you start providing false and misleading information to the special counsel’s office?” the defence counsel asked bluntly.

Gates struggled so badly to give a straight answer that eventually Judge T S Ellis III was forced to intervene. “Did you provide false information or did you have a bad memory?” he asked.

Gates finally admitted that he had provided false information prior to striking a plea agreement. “I did, to one count, your honour,” he said.

He has already admitted embezzling some funds from Manafort. Downing pressed him on the specifics of their business relationship: which payments to Gates were authorised and which were not. Regarding a trading company Manafort had started with a partner in 2011, he asked with deep scepticism: “You’re asking the jury to believe Mr Manafort authorised another $250,000 as a bonus?”

Techno Fog wrote on Twitter, “Reading through the cross-examination of Rick Gates in the Manafort case..

One thing is clear: Gates is lying and the Special Counsel has suborned perjury with their star witness.

Haven’t seen a witness with this bad a selective memory in a while. Transcript to follow.”