Man Who Destroyed Trump’s Hollywood Star W/ Pickaxe Not Laughing Now, Facing Years Behind Bars

Kirsters Baish| Before entering the world of politics, President Donald Trump was honored with the sentiment of having his own star placed on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007, mainly due to his time working as a producer of the Miss Universe pageant.

We all know that since making his debut in the political world in 2015, alt-leftists have vandalized Trump’s star numerous times. This past July, the star was wrecked again by a liberal wielding a pickaxe. The incident was caught on camera, and the man was arrested by authorities. reports that the man’s name is Austin Clay, and he is 24 years old. The California native is facing up to three years in prison on charges on felony vandalism. He claims to have zero regrets over his actions. He actually seemed to show pride in his crime, and why wouldn’t he when leftist celebrities are cheering him on?

TMZ first reported in the beginning of August that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office had charged Clay with a count of felony vandalism after he took a pickaxe to President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

If Clay is found guilty of the crime, which he has already confessed to and was caught on video committing, he could face three years in the slammer, as reported by the Daily Caller.

After Clay’s vandalism of the star, anti-Trump and pro-Trump protesters began clashing in the area.

Conservative Tribune writes that “a conservative street artist filled the Walk of Fame with dozens of fake Trump stars to make up for the destruction of the real one, and a neighboring city council passed a resolution calling for the star’s ultimate removal from the Walk of Fame … a development Clay fully supported, so as to avoid further violence and destruction.”

After he was released from jail, Clay released a video about his crime, making it very clear that he did not regret his actions, even though he may be thrown in jail for them.

It has not been clarified who posted Clay’s $20,000 bond. Clay is responsible for handing over $3,000 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to replace the star.

The vandal pointed the finger at the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to illegal immigration, blaming the White House for his own actions.

In the video Clay can be heard saying, “I just felt really passionate because of what happened with the immigrants and (Trump) stripping children away from their parents. And that just sort of set me off. I think Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents.”

“Robert De Niro left me a voice message. He wanted to say … he wanted to give me a high-five. Chelsea Handler, Mark Hamill,” stated Clay. Then he listed off names of the anti-Trump actors as well as an anti-Trump “comedian.”

“I think I did, like, a real good act. Personally, I don’t feel resentful. I feel proud of myself,” he went on.

Let’s hope that Clay serves the full amount of time possible for his crimes. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s politics, that doesn’t give you the right to destroy property that is not yours. Clay destroyed public property, which means that the taxpayers are the ones who foot the bill, so clearly it’s unacceptable for him to act out in such a childish way.

Unfortunately, Clay isn’t the only unhinged liberal out there who thinks that they can get away with anything. It’s become somewhat of a trend among leftists to destroy things that aren’t theirs. The ironic part is that Clay’s childish and petty criminal acts had zero impact on Trump’s presidency or Trump’s well-being.

Let’s hope for three full years for Austin Clay!