Man Claiming To Be Bill Clinton’s Abandoned “Illegitimate” Son Has One Request For His Alleged Dad, Bill Clinton, On Farther’s Day

Kirsters Baish| A man by the name of Danney Williams is claiming that former President Bill Clinton is his father. A Happy Father’s Day indeed for the former United States President. Williams is insisting that Clinton take a paternity test in response to his claims.

“Retweet!” Williams wrote on Twitter. He shared one of Carl Barvensky Paul’s posts. Paul pushed President Donald Trump to take advantage of his “presidential power” in order to push Bill Clinton into taking a DNA paternity test.

He wrote, “I’m willing to pay for the test including a $20k donation on your next campaign.”

He also retweeted now of Right Chick’s tweets. She urged Bill to take a paternity test.

She tweeted, “In doing so, one of two things will happen:

1. Finally legitimize & acknowledge your son @danney_williams.


2. Put the rumors to rest forever”

She also added the hashtags “#BillClintonSon” and “#ClintonKid”.

The American Mirror reports, “Appearing at the National Press Club shortly before the 2016 election, Williams made an emotional plea to Clinton intern and lover Monica Lewinsky, but also to the people he says are his family.”

“I also want to take this opportunity to appeal to my step-mom, Hillary Clinton,” Williams stated.

Williams has threatened to take legal action in order to secure a DNA sample. He stated, “She has the power to have Bill Clinton provide a DNA sample. I heard Hillary say she spent her life helping children. If black lives truly matter to her, why not mine Why don’t you care about me, Hillary? Are you embarrassed about me? Hillary, are you ashamed of me? I am black, I am real.”

“Hillary, please don’t deny my existence. You are my step-mother, Chelsea is my sister, Bill Clinton is my father,” Williams went on.

“Please just step up at this time and treat me like the equal member of your family. I heard her say before it takes a village to raise a kid, I just want her to accept me in her village today,” Williams begged.

Williams sent a letter to Monica Lewinsky’s attorneys, asking to be granted access to Lewinsky’s blue dress, which she was wearing during her time with Bill Clinton.

The American Mirror reported:

“There is one other way the question of whether Bill Clinton is my father would be by obtaining a small, complete and valid DNA sample from your blue dress, which multiple news sources reported has been preserved,” Williams wrote to Lewinsky, according to a letter posted by InfoWars.

“I respectfully request you provide the sample of genetic matter we require so that we may match it with my own sample.”

In another part of the letter, Williams attempted to strike a kinship with Lewinsky.

“I was not surprised to learn that Hillary called you a ‘stalker’ and much, much worse. Hillary Clinton abused us both. I call out to you for your help,” he wrote.

None of the Clinton family has even acknowledged Williams.