Main Stream Media Caught Covering Up The Story Of The Decade As They Seek To Destroy Trump

Elder Patriot – America is in the midst of an amazing rebirth.  Financially and spiritually, Americans are feeling better about the prospects for their future than they have in decades.  And, in some cases those feelings are at all time record highs. Jobs, consumer optimism and investor optimism are at never seen before levels.  

But this is not being reported.

Black and Hispanic unemployment is at record lows.  Women’s unemployment has hit a 65-year low. Blue collar workers have hope for their family’s future again because of the explosion of new, well paying, manufacturing jobs.

The return of prosperity eliminates the contention for crumbs that builds walls of animosity between different peoples.

Why is this not being reported?

Despite the claims of extremists, race relations have never been better.  Walk into any bar or restaurant and people of all stripes are enjoying each other’s company.

Why is this not being reported?

The prospects for peace, real peace are at least now envision-able.  

Why is this not being reported?

Really, it’s hard to see how any president could’ve done more to reverse the moribund economy and decaying American spirit than President Trump has.  In fact, no previous president has come close.

Why is this not being reported?

And it’s all the result of President Trump restoring common sense, historically proven, free market capitalist economic policies.  Why does the mainstream media unmercifully deride these policies? They denounced them when he proposed them and still now that they’ve once again proven their value.  


Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting this?  

Why is the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and the rest of the MSM at least championing some of President Trump’s accomplishments some of the time?

And, why are Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al, violating their own terms of service to prevent sites like ours from reporting it?

For the first time in a long time time Americans can dream again about their futures and more importantly they can dream about their children’s futures.  Americans are free to embrace their Christian beliefs again.

After the Bible and the American Revolution this could be the third greatest story ever told.  Why are we being deprived the right to feel good again?