MAD MAX: Waters Calls for Racial Reparations, THREATENS Ben Carson

Kirsters Baish| Democratic California Congresswoman Maxine Waters (aka Mad Maxine) has been turning heads after delivering a harsh speech in Selma, Alabama this past weekend. During her speech, she called on Congress to pass a financial reparations bill. This bill would address racial inequality… which she claims is a big issue in our country these days. She actually took it so far as to threaten Housing Secretary and former Presidential nominee Ben Carson.

The California Congresswoman was fielding questions from the audience when one person questioned her as to whether she would sponsor a reparations bill in the United States Congress. She answered by saying that she would be “happy to do that.” She went on to add that Democrats must re-take the House if they had any real hope of passing the piece of legislation.

Waters stated, “I’d be happy to do that. That’s no problem. In order to get where we need to go on this issue and other issues, we really got to understand that 2018 is important in taking back the House and taking back the Senate.”

The problem with Waters’s plan is that the Democrats are not going to take back the House. Americans have begun to see past the lies of the left, and the majority of our country is smartening up. We voted Trump into office over Clinton, which was a huge step in the right direction, but that’s all it was, a step. A huge key in fixing the issues in our country is keeping the House.

Waters continued on, “If we want to get to the point where we can get reparations, we’ve got to have the power to do that, Number 1, by having a supportive president would be wonderful, but taking back the House would be absolutely wonderful. And by the way, we’re going to take care of Ben Carson too.”

I have to say, that really sounded like a threat to me. Watch the video below to judge for yourself: