Looks Like We Just Discovered Why Chuck Schumer Defended Facebook’s Persecution Of Conservatives … Care To Gue$$ Why?

Kirsters Baish| A Democratic lawmaker with some serious personal and financial ties to some big names in Silicon Valley has been accusing President Trump of wanting to ruin the technology industry. That lawmaker is Democratic Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer. Schumer slammed Trump and the rest of the Republican Party for supposedly bashing the technology industry over liberal bias.

The Daily Caller did an analysis on Tuesday which suggested that there might be another reason that Schumer is making these accusations.

The Senate Minority Leader was interviewed by Recode last month. During the interview he stated, “Donald Trump and the hard right … watch Fox News, which is totally biased.”

Schumer also suggested that the technology industry was a winner for traditional Democratic constituents. He stated, “We Democrats represent average folks. Tech gives us the advantage. We don’t have a Fox News. We don’t have Rush Limbaugh who gets 20 million people a day. It’s our antidote. I am sympathetic.”

Schumer has been granted over $85,718 from Google and its parent company, Alphabet. The New York Post reported that he has also taken in $38,900 in 2016 alone from Facebook and its employees.

An analysis conducted by the DCNF confirmed that the Democratic New York Senator has taken in over $150,000 from Google and Facebook in the last eight years since 2010. Data for the analysis was taken from the Federal Election Commission webpage.

Western Journal reported:

Political donations are not the only ties Schumer has to Silicon Valley. He also has strong personal connections to both companies.

His youngest daughter, Alison, works for Facebook as the company’s privacy and policy marketing manager, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Sabo, a conservative street artist, plastered all of New York City with posters that poked at Schumer for all of the money he has been gifted by friends in Silicon Valley and from his friends over at Facebook, thanks to his daughter’s job. Schumer’s son-in-law, Mark Shapiro, works for a large technology company as well. The company Shapiro works for is called Sidewalk Labs, and it is a subsidiary company of Alphabet. Western Journal wrote, “Shapiro, who worked as an economic policy adviser for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, married Schumer’s oldest daughter, Jessica.”

The subsidiary of Alphabet has a focus of working on creating “smart cities.” This is all while Google expands real estate in New York. This includes their recent purchase of Chelsea Market for $2.4 billion, as reported by a February report from The New York Times.

The Time also reported that technology jobs have expanded three times fast in New York City than in the rest of the entire private sector.

Schumer’s office in New York City would not to give The DCNF a comment about the nature of contributions.