Assassination Plots Against President Trump Foiled By Secret Service, MSM Ignores The News, Continues Giving Air Time To Dems Who Condone Political Violence

It’s a well kept secret that presidents are constantly under threat of assassination.  Usually, when the plots are foiled by the president’s protective detail we never hear about it.

We do know about at least two assassination plots that were foiled before the president was in immediate danger.

According to Special Agent Audrey Gibson of the Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division of the Secret Service (aka The Bubble”) they had credible information that an attempt on President Trump’s life could occur during the ASEAN summit.

There were actually two credible threats on the president that trip but you never heard about either of them because they were terminated by the Secret Service.

And therein lies the greatest danger of all.  The fact that we never learn how many lunatics are being triggered by the increasingly radicalized Democrat leaders approving of and calling for civil unrest over their failure to win elections.

Earlier this year the attempts to assassinate POTUS moved a lot closer to home.

In August, ABC affiliate WNEP reported that Pennsylvania State Police arrested Jeffrey Boyd of Tulsa, Oklahoma in Briar Creek Township, Pennsylvania just hours prior to President Trump’s appearance at a rally for Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta.

Boyd had a loaded gun in his car and told police he was hearing voices telling him to kill President Trump.

Unless you read the local paper or are a follower of Qanon you probably never heard about this.

How many more attempts have there been?  We don’t know. But one thing is certain, the more attempts the greater the odds that someone pierces the president’s protective veil.

“Every day we have to be 100% correct.” – Anthony Ornato, Lead Secret Service Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division.  

That’s what makes the current overheated rhetoric coming from the very top of the Democratic Party so dangerous; the more unhinged people their dog whistles unleash, the greater the chance that one will be successful:

Consider who the people calling for violence are and the positions they hold:

  • Eric Holder – Obama’s Attorney General and a possible presidential candidate in 2020
  • Maxine Waters – Congresswoman in line to chair the House Financial Services Committee
  • Nancy Pelosi – Current House Minority Leader and in line to become Speaker of the House if voters give Democrats the majority in the midterms
  • Hillary Clinton – The Democrats most recent presidential candidate and potential 2020 president candidate
  • Cory Booker – U.S. Senator prominently named as a 2020 presidential candidate.

These are not low level fringe politicians.  This is who and what the Democratic Party has become.

Consider that before you vote in November.  

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