Blasey Ford Reportedly Getting Enormous Payday from Allegations, Racking Up More Then $700k After Testifying

The woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a high school party 36 years ago, Christine Blasey Ford, has reportedly been bringing home the bacon since her testimony on Thursday, all thanks to crowdfunding. Western Journal reports that around $700,000 was raised for Blasey Ford between just two of seventeen GoFundMe accounts that were created for her.

“During Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, under questioning about how she was paying security and legal costs, Ford said some of it could be covered by GoFundMe accounts that have been started to help her,” MarketWatch reported on Thursday. “Her mention of the crowd-funding website caused the authenticated GoFundMe webpage helping her to take off. It jumped from about $179,000 to $305,000 and counting merely 30 minutes later, according to the publicly displayed funds counter.”

Currently, this campaign has raised more than $528,000 on its own. The family has decided that they are “officially turning off this campaign,” as it has reached and surpassed its’ goal.

“A statement of gratitude from the family will be forthcoming in the next 48 hours with a fuller explanation, but in the meantime, do keep your comments coming. I am sharing them with her,” the page reads.

Blasey Ford’s family wrote on the fundraising page that the money was needed in order to fight back against the “right wing smear machine” and the “serious threats” they claim were directed at Christine.

“This is all really expensive and she needs our help. We need to protect the voices of brave people who speak out – especially when they are part of our community,” reads the page. “Christine is Palo Alto mom (sic), a beloved professor and mentor and friend.  This fundraiser is sponsored by her neighbors and colleagues.  She is truly grateful for your support!”

Another GoFundMe campaign, which has raised more than $200,000, was put in place to “(c)over Dr. Blasey’s security costs.”

“Due to death threats, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (who uses ‘Dr. Blasey’ professionally) and her family have had to leave their residence and arrange for private security,” the page states. It is said that the page was made by a professor at Georgetown. “Let’s create a fund to cover her security expenses, to do just a bit to make it easier for women in her position to come forward despite great risks. If we raise more than Dr. Blasey needs, extra funds will go to women’s organizations and/or into an account to cover similar costs incurred in comparable situations. I do not know Dr. Blasey personally but will contact her via her former high school, Holton Arms, to inform her of this fundraising appeal and to make arrangements to transfer funds to Dr. Blasey.”

How the aim of this account differs from that of the official account is a mystery to me, but it’s certainly taken in a fair amount of cash.

Of course, it’s not as if Ford won’t be needing money; since she came forward as the writer of the once-mysterious letter, a number of Democrat-linked heavyweights have entered her orbit.

The Daily Wire reports, however, that the Blasey Ford claimed that she doesn’t know how to use the website.

During her testimony on Thursday, Blasey Ford stated, “I’m aware that there’s been several GoFundMe sites. I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to manage those because I’ve never had one.”