Watch This Lost 1974 John Wayne Interview Before YouTube Censors It For Good

John Wayne’s name brings about images of when men were men, when honor, pride and chivalry were “cool”.

At least to some of us.  However, the left today would say that John Wayne is a disgrace, part of a bygone era, one marred by toxic masculinity… whatever the hell that even means.

Take a moment to listen to what Wayne says in this interview and tell me he doesn’t sound a LOT like Donald Trump.

Conservative Tribune Reports:

John Wayne was the veritable epitome of the man’s man, an ultra-patriotic embodiment of masculinity who was incredibly unabashed in his Americanism and love of tradition.

A foreign journalist interviewed “the Duke” in 1974, five years before his death, and the video has been garnering some views since it was posted to YouTube two years ago — 1.2 million and counting.

However, based on the straightforward manner in which Wayne answered the reporter’s questions — answers that would certainly be deemed politically incorrect by the left today — there’s no telling how much longer this short clip will remain up before the powers that be decide to toss it down the memory hole.

The Hollywood legend took on some rather touchy topics in his no-nonsense manner, including the changes brought by the women’s liberation, civil rights and racial grievance movements at the time.

To be sure, while some may disagree or even be somewhat offended with the particular wording of some of his responses — based on what is deemed allowable and offensive by the standards of the current day — there is no denying there is an element of common-sense conservatism behind most of what he said.

Is this type of man something of the past?  I guess that is up to us.

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