‘Little’ Dick Durban Exposed After Calling Trump Racist

Kirsters Baish| An immigration meeting took place on Wednesday, and what happened after may have very well ruined the career of Senator Dick Durbin. Durbin claimed that President Donald Trump had made negative comments when referring to Haiti and African countries such as calling them “s***hole” countries. Two other senators who took part in the meeting claimed that they had never heard Trump make these comments.

Time defines chain migration as “the process by which one immigrant is admitted to the country, then he or she sponsors relatives back home to come to the U.S., who in turn could sponsor more relatives.”

President Trump has an end goal of putting this policy to rest. The term “chain migration” has been used by the United States government for years, certainly before President Trump came into office. According to Dick Durbin, however, Trump is the only one to blame.

The Daily Wire reported that on Friday, Senator Dick Durbin made the claim that he rebuked President Trump when he used the term “chain migration” while speaking at a bipartisan meeting on Wednesday.

Durbin stated that when the issue of “chain migration” came up, he said to Trump “Do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African Americans believe that they migrated to America in chains, and when you speak about chain migration, it hurts them personally.”

This guy is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that “chain” refers to a string of people… not physical chains.

Durbin appeared to almost be crying in order to win people over with his claims of racism and offense. And it wasn’t much of a surprise that Durbin made it seem like President Trump had coined the term, even though it has been used for years. Interestingly, Durbin used the same exact term during the same exact meeting at 33:52.

Durbin stated, “We have a deadline looming and a lot of lives hanging. We can agree on some very fundamental and important things together on border security, on chain, on the future of diversity visas…”

He has also used the term on his website in the past. A press release from October of 2007 from Durbin’s official website which supported the DREAM Act uses the term “chain migration.” The release falsely claims that the DREAM Act would not lead to chain migration. It also claimed that the Dreamers would have extremely limited ability to sponsor any of their family members to come to America. The senator also has another column on his official website by Kristen Hare which uses the term as well. 

Durbin also used the term on live television when on the Senate floor when he was trying to make the same argument that the DREAM Act would not lead to chain migration.

It’s extremely typical to see this. Liberals love to point the finger and claim racism when it comes to President Trump and any of his supporters, but when they do the same exact thing or say the same exact thing, they automatically think that they are going to get off the hook. That isn’t how this works, and they should know that by now. Durbin can point the finger at Trump all he wants, but the truth is that President Trump didn’t coin the term, nor was he using it in a racist manner. Durbin uses the term himself, so he clearly has no room to talk.