Lisa Page Seeking Immunity in Exchange for Information on Strzok, McCabe, Maybe Even Comey According To Report

Kirsters Baish| Democrats are losing their minds now that it is evident that FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress/colleague Lisa Page exchanged numerous anti-Trump text messages throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. It is obvious that there was an anti-Trump bias within the FBI, and it’s not making the Democratic Party look very good. Conservative Tribune explains that Strzok has lost his security clearance because of his liberal agenda in which he attempted to stop Trump from becoming President.

When he took his seat in front of Congress, Strzok remained uncooperative and eerily shifty, often smiling at the camera and making strange faces.

It now seems that Strzok’s mistress, Lisa Page, did a little more cooperating than he did. In fact, she may be throwing Strzok right under the bus.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The government attorney who was having an affair with the married Strzok was on the receiving end of many of his anti-Trump text messages and had an inside view into potentially widespread bias and political scheming within the bureau.

Experts including Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch believe Page may be willing to cut a deal that gives her leeway to unload the truth about what went on behind the FBI’s doors.

During an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Loud Dobbs Tonight” this past Monday, Farrell explained, “Well, I think Page has the opportunity to become the anti-Strzok.”

“She’s going to look for an immunity deal, or at least being treated as a cooperating witness,” the legal expert went on.

If Page were to just cooperate with the congressional panel, she would be taking strides that her former lover refused to. If she truly does throw Strzok under the bus, it could mean disaster on the horizon for a corrupt Justice Department.

Farrell explained, “She’s seen from last week what her boyfriend was doing, and she’s probably a pretty sharp attorney. She sees an opportunity or an opening to kind of recast herself, and I think she’s taking advantage of it.”

Farrell might be right in saying this. The former FBI attorney has already talked to multiple Congressman about the text message scandal that has been making American news for the last year and a half. She was definitely more honest and open than Strzok was in her testimony.

North Carolina Republican Representative Mark Meadows explained on Friday to the press that Page’s “willingness to cooperate today speaks well of her.”

Another Republican lawmaker, Representative John Ratcliffe from Texas, had a similar sentiment about Page, saying that he believes she is “a very forthcoming witness.”

“She gave us a lot of new information that we didn’t have before. That will lead us to ask for some more people to make some more requests for information we do not yet have,” Ratcliffe stated.

GOP lawmakers were not happy with the way Strzok acted during his testimony. If Page is able to score an immunity deal, she will likely throw her FBI love interest, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey right under the bus without a thought.

Farrell explained while on Fox Business that there is proof that former President Barack Obama actually had a part in the “undermine Trump” scam.

“There’s an earlier text message from Page where she says, ‘POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing,’” Farrell reminded those watching.

“How much more evidence do we need? At what point does Mr. Obama come out of hiding and offer his version of the facts? That’s my question,” Farrell stated. “All the hysteria over (Russian) hacking was all on Obama’s watch. Where’s the accountability? I want him deposed.”