Liberals Selling Horrific Shirts of President Trump Being Lynched… & Facebook’s Instagram is Promoting it

Kirsters Baish| The Gateway Pundit reported that Instagram began removing infopics regarding liberal organization Planned Parenthood and their murdering of black babies. The strange thing is, however, that Instagram allowed an account to remain up and running that promotes clothing from the line called “Hanging With Trump.” This company sell t-shirts with the illustrated image of President Donald Trump being hung from a noose made from his necktie.

That’s not even the worst of it. The anti-Trump organization/company is using Indie Go Go for all advertising and point of sale.

And you already know that this liberal company is all over Facebook too. The company’s “about” section states, “ARE YOU #HangingWithTrump? – The worldwide Cultural Movement that Raises Awareness for everyone Trump Left Behind. We donate for every #HangingWithTrump shirt sold, to an organization Trump is defunding and the people hurt as a result of his policies”

Oh, and of course there was a promotional video for the treasonous clothing line which was hosted by good old Vimeo:

It’s truly interesting to see Instagram allow groups/companies/organizations like this one who promote anti-Trump rhetoric, which the Gateway Pundit explains is “essentially proving the conservative point that private funding of organizations and causes replaces government funding, plus the private funding is voluntary and you get to pick where you want the money to go.”

Why is it that liberals feel that they can get away with anything? We saw far left anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin tote around a prop resembling the severed head of President Trump. We saw liberal actor Peter Fonda threaten the Trump children. Liberals are printing the image of our President being lynched on a t-shirt now. Can you imagine what the left would have said if Conservatives had started selling clothing with the image of Barack Obama being lynched during his time in office? I didn’t think so. Neither can I. It’s truly disgusting the way the left thinks that they can do whatever they please and the liberally owned social media sites condone it. So much for respect.