Liberal Media Horrified as YouTube Witness Goes Off Script

Kirsters Baish| It is a well known fact that after any kind of traumatic event, witness accounts are usually all kinds of distorted. People tend to forget what they saw or heard, and the story ends up changing multiple times. Any perception that are shifted due to panic usually end up shifting back to normal when things clear up.

However, one witness to the shooting that took place on Tuesday at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, spoke the truth as soon as he opened his mouth, much to the dismay of anti-Second Amendment activists and the mainstream media.

A man came forward to tell a KTVU reporter exactly what he was thinking the moment that the crime was being committed, and it didn’t involve taking away guns from law abiding American citizens. This man explained that as soon as the shooting began, he had wished that he had a way to defend himself.

The mainstream media has been pushing their anti-Second Amendment narrative since the February 14 Parkland, Florida high school shooting, and this guy derailed it in an instant.

Conservative Tribune reported, “It wasn’t David Hogg and the other sudden celebrity ‘survivors’ being used to unleash a wave of anti-gun hysteria. But it was exactly what most Americans can relate to.”

“I didn’t have a gun on me, but wish I did,” the man explained.

Three victims were wounded in the shooting. The shooter was identified as a San Diego resident, Nasim Aghdam. Aghdam took her own life after opening fire at the YouTube headquarters, according to ABC News.

Conservative Tribune wrote:

After an event like this, the media “narrative” is supposed to include weeping witnesses, preferably outraged that the United States is a free country where citizens are allowed to arm themselves.

Reporters are supposed to find victims railing about how it was all the fault of Republicans and the National Rifle Association that anyone had a gun besides the police, the military and the numerous security agencies under control of the federal government that maintain armies of their own.

You can bet that there will be even more coverage and more ridiculous “town hall” meetings. There will be even more crazy leftists trying to confiscate our firearms. The left will keep pushing in the hopes that the midterm elections will bring them some good news.

This one man went against the mainstream media’s script and spoke for the Americans who are so desperately trying to defend their Second Amendment right. It’s time for the left to stop their whining. Taking away the rights of all Americans because of the actions of a few isn’t the America that our forefathers envisioned for us. I can guarantee you that much.

People on social media sure had a lot to say:

The simple fact is that millions of Americans can sympathize with this man. If he had been able to get his hands on a gun, he might have been able to stop the situation all together, or at the very least protect himself. He totally derailed the left’s narrative that guns are bad. This shooting destroyed another liberal narrative… that all mass shooters are white males who belong to the NRA. The YouTube headquarters shooter was a woman with no ties to the NRA.