Letter to Jeff Sessions Accuses Robert Mueller of Treason

Kirsters Baish| Things are beginning to not look so good for Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller. We have just caught wind of reports that LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick has come out to swear a criminal complaint against non other than Robert Mueller himself. United States Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions received a letter explaining the matter. Sessions was extremely surprised to hear the details about what was going on with Mueller.

Fitzpatrick’s letter openly accuses Robert Mueller “and other Federal Bureau of Investigation employees in the commission of treason and less-included offenses.” These offenses that Fitzpatrick is referring to were all done with the goal of pushing President Donald Trump closer to impeachment.

In his letter, Fitzpatrick “formally” accuses Robert “Bob” Swan Mueller of treason. He explained that Robert Mueller is leading the “criminal racket” which is actively pursuing extremely aggressive attempts at impeaching President Donald Trump in unconstitutional ways.

Not only is this completely unacceptable, but we cannot overlook the fact that Mueller has been on a witch hunt in trying to find any little thing that will push Trump out of office. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen. Fitzpatrick’s letter may be the one thing saving Trump in a country where the corrupt Left often gets their way.

Fitzpatrick went on to explain that Mueller’s agenda is downright treasonous, and his attempts at taking down President Trump is a national security incident. Mueller has put himself in a position of authority in which he utilizes his role in the FBI in order to go through Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe as well as Deputy United States Attorney General Rob Rosenstein to get where he wants to be.

The letter begins:

“I formally accuse Mr. Robert “Bob” Swan Mueller, III of TREASON!,” wrote Fitzpatrick.

“Mr. Mueller is one leader of a criminal racket actively engaged in aggressive attempts to unconstitutionally overthrow a sitting President: Donald John Trump.

Mr. Mueller’s treasonous agenda is to take down President Trump. Mueller’s agenda is a national security incident.

Mueller has created an illicit authority unto himself through the agency of acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rob Rosenstein.

Mueller is positioned, using his illegally manufactured authority to attack President Trump, cover-up Comey’s crimes, the crimes of other and the cover-up of his own crimes, Mueller’s crimes.

Plotting assiduously to oust our constitutionally elected president, combined with Mueller’s attack against honorably discharged veterans, Mueller continues in service to himself, to an insurgent domestic enemy government; to the enemy within.

Mueller is a volunteer enlisted in service to a rival government competing with our U.S. government ‘at war with our basis concepts of a democratic society and a representative government.’”

Fitzpatrick claimed that Mueller ignored many veterans who filed treason complaints against Obama and his renegades.

“Mueller is responsible for allowing Obama to be illegally ‘selected’ into the Obama’s ‘residency’, and now scrapes through the records of a lawfully elected president for no reason,” he continued in the letter.

The retired Navy Commander addressed his words to “veterans obedient to their oath”, and to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, urging them “to act upon this complaint naming Mueller in commission of Treason.”

Read the full letter HERE.

It’s time for the madness to end. President Donald Trump has nothing to hide, but it seems that those trying to impeach him have a lot of hidden skeletons in their closets.