Leftist Mob Who Destroyed UNC Confederate Statue Caught, Not Laughing After They Realize The Consequences

Kirsters Baish| Why is it that liberals feel the right to destroy property that is not theirs when they don’t agree with someone else’s viewpoint? At least there is a story in the news in which the criminal justice system did not fail to punish three liberals who allegedly tore down a Confederate statue simply because they didn’t like the politics behind it.

The state of “Silent Sam,” a Confederate soldier who was erected to represent those from the South who died in the war, was knocked down by a group of angry liberals. Three of those individuals have been charged with the crime, as reported by Fox News.

Fox reported, “North Carolina Police filed charges Friday against three people they say played some part in tearing down a century-old Confederate statue during a protest this week. Hundreds of student protesters gathered at the University of North Carolina’s campus in Chapel Hill Monday night to bring down the statue known as ‘Silent Sam.’ Using ropes and violent force, the protesters toppled the statue which had stood that ground since 1913. The university said in a news release that the unidentified individuals were not affiliated with the school and they have been charged with misdemeanor charges of rioting and defacing a public monument.”

On Thursday, Chancellor Carol Folt stated, “I will tell you absolutely that we had no anticipation of any plans to tear down the statue.”

Those who knocked down the statue were not students. These people were from the outside. Conservative Tribune writes that these people “thought that their values ought to be brought to taxpayer-supported institutions by violent, destructive force. Just don’t expect them to extrapolate that same tolerance for taxpayer-supported values if, say, Ben Shapiro is expected to give a peaceful address.”

Liberals want to claim that whites erected Confederate statues in order to enforce some kind of “white supremacy,” but these statues were put up in remembrance of those from the South who died during the Civil War.

Conservative Tribune writes of the South:

Bluntly put, they certainly didn’t need statues to accomplish any of the things anti-statue agitators claim these monuments were meant to do, and they would be a stupid waste of money if that was what those who erected them meant for them to do. Logic 101 tells us these statues were to simply commemorate those who had fought and fallen in the Civil War.

While these protesters were trying to prove some kind of point about racism, they destroyed someone else’s property. The point is that it’s against the law to destroy property that is not yours. These three angry liberals just found that out the hard way.