Leaked Messages Show Democratic Senator Colluding With Russian Oligarch

Kirsters Baish| A report was just released which indicates that Democratic Senator from Virginia Mark Warner was in direct contact with a lobbyist for Oleg V. Deripaska. Deripaska is a Russian billionaire who was trying to get in contact with Christopher Steele. Steele wrote the infamous Trump dossier which was used to keep surveillance on Carter Page.

It was reported by Fox News that a lobbyist for Deripaska named Adam Waldman had texted Warner the following message on March 16, 2017: “Chris Steele asked me to call you.”

Warner responded, “Will call tomorrow be careful.”

Warner also stated in a message sent on March 20, 2017, “Can you talk tomorrow want to get with ur English friend.”

Waldman then replied, “I spoke to him yesterday.”

Then, on March 30, 2017, Warner seemed to not want to leave any evidence of having had a meeting with Steele. He wanted the meeting to be one on one.

Warner wrote to Waldman, “We want to do this right private in London don’t want to send letter yet cuz if we can’t get agreement wud rather not have paper trail.”

It seems a bit sketchy that Warner is the top Democrat who is working on the Senate Intelligence Committee. This committee is investigating President Trump’s alleged Russian ties.

A Republican, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Birr, has been working alongside Warner in order to investigate any Russian meddling leads. Fox News got a statement which was released by Warner and Birr. They stated that they are “working together, while blasting the ‘leaks of incomplete information.'”

While the article released by Fox News does not have any mention of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Deripaska is a friend of Putin’s.

The Daily Caller reported:

A Los Angeles Times profile of Deripaska from 2017 described him as “tight” with Putin and said that the two men’s ties were “so close that Russia’s foreign minister asked U.S. secretaries of state for more than a decade, including as recently as last year, to help Deripaska secure a visa to enter the United States, the Washington Post reported.”

It was also explained that Warner released these messages to the Senate Intelligence Committee. They were well aware of the messages back in October of 2017.