Koch Brothers Uncloak & Savagely Attack Trump – Trump Responds By Exposing Who They Really Are

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media and the rest of liberal America have been trying to years to get it to look like Republicans are the puppets of master puppeteers, the “Koch brothers.” For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Koch brothers, they are globalist billionaires who have spent years working to lower taxes for Americans. The thing is, they seem to have some beef with President Donald Trump.

Today, the Koch brothers went after the President, stating that they do not support his pro-America stance on trade and immigration. Interestingly, the mainstream media now seems to love the Koch brothers.

The Koch “network” is wealthy as well as highly influential. They recently spoke on their bipartisanship-based summer meeting as well as the extremely harsh comments about the current presidential administration.

The Koch network has been questioned by everyone from Democrats to Republicans during the “conventional-wisdom-shredding” Trump era.

People don’t like Trump because he is different He doesn’t think like a politician. He thinks like a businessman. He can’t be bought like every other corrupt politician in Washington. Instead of being part of the swamp, Trump is working to drain it.

A spokesperson for the Koch network told the press that President Trump’s “divisiveness” and harsh stance on trade and immigration will wind up causing “long-term damage.”

Subject Politics released screenshots of the President’s tweets.

He wrote, “The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade. I never sought their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas. They love my Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judicial picks & more. I made them richer. Their network is highly overrated. I have beaten them at every turn. They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker – a puppet for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great Again!”

Clearly Trump is doing a good job if globalist billionaires are working alongside liberals to stop him. He’s really making a difference, and that is something we can be proud of. This is the reason that we voted him into office in the first place. He has America’s best interest at heart, and the interest of the American worker at heart. Trump is truly a man of the people. He is surely going to take the presidency again in 2020.