Watch as Crowd Full of Young Black Americans Erupt As President Trump Enters Room

As much as liberal America wants to deny it, there has been a shift among the African American community lately in terms of politics, and we are seeing more and more of the community show support for President Donald Trump.

Just take a look at iconic rapper Kanye West, who earlier this year revealed his support for the President and free thinkers.

Conservative Tribune explains:

Figures like conservative commentator Candace Owens have led the way, using sharp intelligence and world-class debate skills to dismantle liberal arguments. Cultural icons such as Kanye West, an unlikely ally, have also come on board — and the rapper’s recent meeting in the Oval Office could be seen as a pivotal moment.

Now, President Donald Trump himself is proving just how powerful this shift has become.

President Donald Trump was set to speak to a large group of African Americans the Young Black Leadership Summit, which was being held at the White House. When he came on stage, the audience erupted in applause. Take a look:

Video footage of the summit shows the audience full of American flags and young Americans wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

The announcer’s voice sweeps the room, “Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States.” President Trump then makes his way into the room, as the crowd goes wild with applause.

The crowd can be heard chanting “USA! USA!”

Earlier in the day, President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., spoke to the crowd and was seen joking around with those attending the summit.

“Check out the energy & passion,” Trump Jr. tweeted, attached to a video of him with the lively crowd. “The largest ever young conservative black summit started tonight.”

These are exactly the kind of videos that the liberal media doesn’t want us to see. Black Americans supporting President Trump and his administration totally destroy their narrative that the Trump administration is “bad” for the African American community. In fact, unemployment rates among African Americans are way down since Trump has taken office.

Conservative Tribune writes:

The cultural shift may be reflected in the November election results, however. Recent polls have shown a growing number of black Americans moving to the right, and that’s bad news for Democrats who rely on African-American communities to stay in office.

A recent poll conducted by the NAACP — one of the most well-known black liberal groups in America — revealed that while there’s still a long way to go, Trump is faring much better with the black community than many of his Republican predecessors.

The Democrats are in huge trouble.

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