Just In: Kim Jong Un Surrenders, Sends White House Letter, Trump Has Beaten North Korea

Kirsters Baish| President Trump made big announcement related to North Korea on Thursday saying that there was an upcoming announcement involving North Korea which is “almost beyond” talks between the United States and North Korea. Trump stated that South Korea would be making a “major statement” involving North Korea at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday.

One ABC News producer tweeted that one of the network’s reporters, Jon Karl, had asked President Trump in private if the statement will be about talks between the United States and North Korea. President Trump reportedly answered, “It’s almost beyond that. Hopefully, you will give me credit.”

It’s pretty clear that Trump has made some solid progress with North Korea already, but this is a whole new development on that front.

Well, the news was released, and it’s better than we could have imagined.

It was reported that officials from the South Korean government delivered a letter that came from North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un. The letter was addressed to President Trump’s White House. CNN reporter Will Ripley explained that Kim Jong Un invited President Donald Trump to meet. The dictator has also offered to put off their nuclear missile testing along with the invitation.

This is huge news.

For those who are trying to argue that President Trump isn’t making progress with North Korea, HA HA.

This is truly incredible progress, and it proves that Trump’s tough methods are working.

If it holds true that King Jong Un has indeed agreed to halt nuclear missile testing, this is a giant step.

The Daily Caller reported:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited President Donald Trump to meet, and the president has agreed.

South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-Yong, who recently led a delegation to Pyongyang for talks with senior North Korean leadership, briefed the White House on the recent meetings in the North Korean capital Thursday. Chung also delivered a letter to Trump from Kim Jong Un personally inviting the president to meet the young dictator.

On Thursday, Chung spoke to reporters saying that North Korea is willing and ready to denuclearization. They insisted that Kim Jong Un expressed “his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible.” It was revealed that “President Trump appreciated the greeting and said he would meet Kim Jong Un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization.”

Nothing anywhere near as important as this step was taken in the entire eight years that Obama sat in the White House. I’d like to see the left back him up now.