MSM Silent As Journalist Dies After Being Attacked For Being White

The mainstream media has fallen silent after a 55-year-old journalist was killed. Jerry Wolkowitz, a volunteer and first responder, was viciously attacked, beaten, and dragged into a New Jersey parking lot this past May.

The attacker then made off with Wolkowitz’s car, driving over the 55-year-old’s head. Wolkowitz was placed on life support until he died this past Thursday.

The most shocking part about this whole thing? It was a hate crime, and the mainstream media has all but ignored it in their reporting.

A black man killed Wolkowitz because he was white.

“Jerry Wolkowitz, a longtime EMT and journalist, has died nearly six months after a brutal, allegedly racially motivated beating,” reports the Asbury Park Press, the same news outlet that had published Wolkowitz’s photographs through the years.

The paper continued, “Wolkowitz, described as an ‘innocent soul’ by younger medics he took under his wing, was walking near his Harding Road apartment on the morning of May 1 when authorities believe 26-year-old Jamil S. Hubbard of Sayreville beat him and dragged him into a parking lot.”

When authorities found and arrested Hubbard, he admitted that he had ran Wolkowitz over because he was white.

“(Hubbard) explained that he chose him because he was a white man,” prosecutor Keri-Leigh Schaefer explained during a court hearing.

Judge James J. McGann stated during the hearing, “The allegations are of a horrific crime. The defendant, according to police, approached a total stranger and started beating him.”

Wolkowitz’s family asked the community to help, creating a GoFundMe page to help with the financial burden of their dying loved one’s medical bills.
“Jerry is a reporter, a writer, a first aid volunteer, a dedicated worker, a wonderful friend, and a devoted family man with a loving fiance,” the page read. “He is kind-hearted and highly devoted to his family and friends. He … has a great sense of humor, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.”

Think about this: If this had been the other way around, and a white man had run over a black man’s head, later admitting that it was a hate crime, you can bet that the mainstream media would be all over it. for Jerry Wolkowitz as of Saturday.

A Google search on showed zero results for Jerry Wolkowitz as of Saturday.

Jerry’s story won’t be found on NBC or MSNBC, either. Fox News is the only of the “big three” news channels to have even covered Wolkowitz’s murder.

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