Liberals Triggered After Huge Trump 2020 Sign Unveiled at Yankee Stadium

Kirsters Baish| The Democrats are probably losing their minds… that is, any Democrat who saw the ginormous Trump 2020 sign that was unrolled at Yankee Stadium recently.

Take a look at the image below:

The sign was displayed during a game this past weekend.

Left leaning Yahoo Sports writes:

For all the cries of “stick to sports” from those who view athletic events as a respite from the world of politics, even the hardliners must admit it’s getting hard to separate the two.

It’s especially hard to avoid combining state and sports when fans are openly campaigning at the ballpark.

Look no further than Yankee Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Sometime around the eighth inning, fans in right field unfurled a large banner advocating for the re-election of Donald Trump for president in 2020.

The New York Yankees are currently five games behind the Red Sox in the American League East, and Aaron Judge is sitting on the disabled list. We have not yet reached the time for the trade deadline.

There has not yet been any report about who the fans were who brought the sign into the game. There was not a report on if the sign was allowed to remain up during the game or if it was taken down. Yahoo sports writes that the President only got 5 percent of the Bronx votes during the 2016 presidential election. The news source questioned who allowed the banner into the game.