Kavanaugh: I Wasn’t Even There!

Kirsters Baish| For the first time since liberal California professor/far-left activist Christine Blasey Ford penned a letter claiming that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her more than three decades ago, the Senate met on Monday afternoon.

The Gateway Pundit has reported that while the facts aren’t all accounted for, Democratic New York Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for a delay on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

In case you weren’t familiar with Christine Blasey, she is a liberal activist who is claiming that Brett Kavanaugh and another classmate sexually assaulted her and locked her in a room against her will thirty-six years ago at a high school party in their home state of Maryland.

Now Judge Kavanaugh has made a claim that wrecks Blasey’s story entirely. He says he wasn’t even at the party mentioned in the letter!

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry wrote on Twitter, “BREAKING: Kavanaugh told Sen. Hatch he wasn’t even at the party in question.”

Senator Hatch slammed Senate Democrats this past Monday after they treated accusations as facts. Chad Pergram wrote on Twitter, “Hatch on Ford: Any Accuser deserves to be heard. I stand by Chairman Grassley’s efforts to begin our due dilligence in the regular order of the Judiciary Committee. I remain deeply disappointed by the way Senate Democrats have so grossly mishandled these accusations thus far.”

Hatch explained that it isn’t “in good faith” to have held this information from Senate Republicans as well as the FBI for more than a month.

Pergram wrote, “Hatch on Ford allegations: It seems in bad faith to hold this information from Republicans and the FBI for over a month and then to suggest at the final hour that the only path forward is delaying the confirmation to allow the FBI to investigate.”

On top of that, the only other “witness” to the alleged crime also states that it never even happened and that Blasey’s allegations are “absolutely nuts.”