Just In: Uranium One Informant Rolls on Clintons

Kirsters Baish| It’s finally happened. An undercover FBI informant has come forward to explain that he was involved in the Russian acquisition of Uranium One. He spoke with congressional investigators on Wednesday.

The Hill reported that American businessman William Doulas Campbell gave a written statement and sat for multiple hours of questioning from representatives of three different committees. These committees were the Senate Judiciary, House Intelligence, and House Oversight and Government Reform. He explained to them everything that he had learned and shared with his handlers at the FBI.

He explained that Russia had sent millions of dollars into America. The hope was to gain influence with Hillary and Bill Clinton. This was during the time that Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State and had taken the lead in the Russian “reset” foreign policy. He testified that the Russian money went through APCO Worldwide, an American lobbying firm. He stated that APCO Worldwide was hired for a yearly fee of $3 million. The intent was to buy favor with the Clinton family toward Russia after finances were given to former President Bill Clinton’s “charitable” work. This was reported by the Washington Examiner.