Just In: Trump Issues Historic Pardon In Case of The Bundy Ranch Standoff – Signals Huge Shift Away From Obama’s Tyranny

Elder Patriot – Under Barack Obama the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was turned against the very ranchers the agency was founded to protect.  In a shift of long standing policy that permitted the use of federal land by ranchers adjacent to them Obama ordered the land off limits to them.

It was clearly an unnecessary overreach by our Manchurian president and the strident opposition that greeted the BLM’s paramilitary enforcement officers at its first target – the Bundy Ranch – caught the agency’s management off guard.

Eventually Obama ordered the BLM to back down.  Round one to Americans’ sovereignty. But, Marxists never accept defeat.  Battle lines had been drawn.

Obama, who never met a confrontation he was willing to challenge, began looking for low-hanging fruit to reclaim some lost face.  He settled on Dwight and Steven Hammond who had been convicted of arson in 2012. They had conducted a controlled burn that included slightly over 100 acres of federal lands.

These men were not criminals but, in an incredible abuse of power, they were prosecuted under a 1996 federal terrorism law.  They were mistakenly released early after proving no threat to society. They were the low hanging fruit Obama needed to get a scalp.

In 2015, an Obama appointed judge used the Hammonds early release as an excuse to resentence them to serve the mandatory minimum sentence of five years that had been required.

The hypocrisy of this is sickening.  Hussein has not trouble with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens entering our country every year but don’t dare step on federal lands if you’re a patriotic American taxpayer.

Those patriotic Americans who had defended the Bundy Ranch came together again to occupy Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge following the sentencing.

The standoff spanned 41 freezing cold days in January and February.  Lavoy Finicum was killed by an overzealous FBI agent even though his hands were overhead at the time of his shooting and he was not holding a weapon.

After Finicum’s murder Obama wanted this over.  Ammon Bundy led the standoff as repayment to the Hammonds for their support at his ranch.  Ammon and his brother Ryan Bundy and five others underwent a six week trial. The verdict came back in five days: all defendants were found not guilty of federal conspiracy charges.

Today, President Trump righted this wrong by Hussein when he issued pardons to Dwight and Steven Hammond the last remaining Oregon ranchers being unjustly punished.

Here is the press release issued by the White House this morning:

Nothing can pay these brave patriots back the the time they lost but they can rest knowing that their stand for personal property rights has been recognized by President Donald Trump.

R.I.P. Lavoy