The EU Just Surrendered To Trump, Handing Americans A Huge Win – MSM Left With Jaws In Hand As EU Agrees To End All Tariffs on Industrialized Goods

Elder Patriot – Moments ago President Donald Trump strode into the Rose Garden with Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission where, together, they announced the elimination of tariffs on industrialized goods.  

In addition to that, Trump received commitments from Junker to increase purchases of soybeans from American farms and to purchase large amount of liquified natural gas.

The purchase of LNG means that the sale of Russian gas within the E.U. will now be greatly reduced giving President Trump additional leverage in his negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier this month the mainstream media went apoplectic when President Trump demanded that our NATO allies pay their fair share for their own defense and then left for a summit with Putin.

The J-school graduates, with no real world experience but with plenty of worthless opinions, lambasted our president for shunning our allies and playing cozy with Russia.  Now, less than one month later, NATO is better funded than and better prepared to defend itself than ever before.

And the financial alliance with our European alliance appears to healed and stronger than ever, as well, so that our friendship with Europe will no longer threaten our prosperity.

Tired of Winning yet?