Just In: Rep. Steve King Says MAGA Congressman Planning Something Special For Globalist Hack, Paul Ryan

Elder Patriot – This has not been a good week for the swamp.  The major front they had opened to end the Trump presidency was exposed with the release of the OIG report yesterday.  Five hundred glorious pages of documented facts that will be turned over to a tough and seasoned federal prosecutor to serve as the basis for dozens upon dozens of indictments of Cabal members and their protectors.

With the anti-Trump army neutered and facing criminal prosecution in the not too distant future, Trump’s supporters in the House of Representatives are now turning their sights on the Cabal protectors amongst them.  And, they’re aiming high.

Steve King (IA-R), an America First kinda guy, told Breitbart News that a move was underway to strip Ryan of his speakership.

I have been present in roundtables with Congressman Ryan over the years and have followed Ryan closely, from the time when Donald Trump was developing golf courses.  I can tell you he has never been an America First guy.

Business Roundtable first?  Absolutely. Chamber of Commerce first?  No doubt. America first? Not a chance.

Ryan has been outspoken against Trump since his candidacy.  He has managed the legislative agenda in the House to advance his agenda and not the president’s.  Now he’s using the closing days of his term to openly undermine President Trump and to advance his own presidential aspirations.

Most significant is Ryan’s current attempt to deliver amnesty to 3.5 million illegal aliens without any any of the president’s requirements included in the bill – funding for the wall, end to catch and release, the end to chain migration, e-verify among a number of other items that public opinion polls show the people embrace in large majorities.

Trump’s version is winner.  Even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recognized that when he gambled and lost when he shut the government down back in January.  The shutdown last all of one weekend.

Congressman King told Breitbart that a motion to vacate the chair was being weighed very seriously by Republicans across the political spectrum.  Where once only House conservatives would’ve voted to remove Ryan even moderates now have grown disgusted of his anti-Trump antics.

Ryan is a lame duck speaker.  King explained why this only exacerbates the disgust with Ryan:

“From the time that Paul Ryan announced that he would be retiring at the end of this Congress, his juice has been diminished day by day by day.  It’s not a personal thing. It’s just a function of how things work. He has less power, less influence, and yet he’s still leading us into this amnesty piece. People are acting like he’s the Speaker of the House who will be deciding who can chair which committees, who can be seated on which committees, and whose bills move forward in the next Congress. But that will not be the case.”

After Trump’s triumphant week – North Korea’s C-VID and the evidence presented in the OIG report that will serve to annihilate his political enemies and end Robert Mueller’s investigation – House Republicans recognize that this is now Trump’s party and Paul Ryan is standing in the way of putting America First.