Just In: Rep Jim Jordan Calls Out Rodesnstein “We’ve Caught You Hiding Information!” & That’s Not All …

Kirsters Baish| There were sparks flying in today’s hearings as current FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spent their days providing their public testimony in front of House Republicans in the case of the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the infamous Hillary Clinton private server investigation and Spygate.

A vote was held by House Republicans today which passed a resolution that insists that the Justice Department cooperate with their requests for documents relating to the Trump/Russia investigation or face possible contempt and/or impeachment.

Republican Representative Jim Jordan laid into Rod Rosenstein, drawing his attention to the fact that the House was passing a resolution which would allow him “seven days to get his act together.”

Rosenstein was clearly uncomfortable sitting in the courtroom as Jordan set his sights on him.

Right when Rosenstein tried to defend himself, Jordan came back with, “We’ve caught you hiding information!”

Take a look at the heated exchange between the two in the video below:

Just take a look at the way Rosenstein sat there with a smug look on his face. It’s simply not acceptable for our country’s Deputy Attorney General to act this way in court. The man even laughed at GOP lawmakers and declined to answer questions that were asked by House Republicans.

The worst part? Rosenstein defended the Russia investigation at the same time that he was promising to “clean up the Justice Department.”

The Hill reports of the exchange:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein punched back at one of the fiercest critics of the Department of Justice, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), in an extraordinary and bitter exchange just moments before the House voted on a measure aimed squarely at him.

Jordan, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday morning, immediately fired on Rosenstein for “withholding information from Congress.”

A tight-faced Rosenstein flatly denied those accusations, as Jordan repeatedly interrupted his responses — prompting some Democrats to step in to demand that he be allowed to answer the questions. 

“I think in a few minutes the House of Representatives is going to go on record saying you have not complied with requests from a separate and equal branch of government, that you haven’t complied with subpoenas, and you got seven days to get your act together,” Jordan said. “And I don’t know why you won’t give us what we’ve asked for.”

“Sir, I certainly hope that your colleagues are not under that impression. It is not accurate sir—” Rosenstein said.

“It is accurate,” an animated Jordan said. “We have caught you hiding information.”

There you have it, someone finally called out Rod Rosenstein for his crooked ways. It’s only a matter of time before justice is finally served and the justice department is actually cleaned up, which includes getting rid of the current Deputy Attorney General.