Just In: Obama’s Cyber Security Chief Flips, Tells All

Elder Patriot – Here we go.  It’s always been just a matter of time before Obama administration appointees, facing criminal charges for their roles in propping up his corrupt regime, would flip on their higher-ups.

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, who has established himself as a truly great investigative journalist, has reported that Michael Daniel has flipped on Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice.  It seems that with each new revelation the trail of corruption continues leading us closer to President Hussein.

Through the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, Daniel held the title of Cyber Security Coordinator and answered to Rice.  He found his unit confronting Russian hackers with regularity.  During his Senate Select Committee on Intelligence testimony this week, Daniel recalled that he had developed multiple strategies to respond to the Russian hackers.

When Daniel reviewed these plans with Rice she told him “Don’t get ahead of us.”  In plain English Rice gave him a stand down order.  It’s hard to believe that anyone concerned with fair elections would give such an order.

Daniel Prieto, who reported to Michael Daniel, was stunned by Rice’s order:

“I was incredulous and in disbelief.  Why the hell are we standing down? Michael, can you help us understand?”

The Obama administration had other concerns.  Their efforts at the time were on discrediting Donald Trump’s vocal trepidations that the November election might be “fixed” and doing their best to get HRC elected.

Obama knew that given the amount of criminal uses of multiple government agencies that his administration had ordered and orchestrated over his eight years, not only must he guarantee Hillary win to save his legacy but also to save him from the potential of America’s first post-presidency impeachment.

On October 18, 2016, public opinion polls showed Hillary enjoying a comfortable 7.1-point lead just three weeks out from the election:

So, confidant that she would win, Obama took to the Rose Garden to extoll the integrity of our elections and toll denigrate Trump by telling him to stop whining:

At the same time, Donald Trump was getting other, conflicting data.  His internal polling showed him with the lead.  Additionally Big Data Analytics showed him to be widely more popular with voters than Hillary was at the time.

Big Data Analytics is an advanced way to mine political intelligence by leveraging artificial intelligence, keyword Boolean, search analysis, keyword spiders, site scraping, text analytics and machine learning/tagging under the proprietary methodology of CulturIntel™.  It had proven to be incredibly accurate since the time it was first put to use.

Third, it would be naïve to believe that patriots inside Obama’s government apparatus weren’t feeding candidate Trump information about election meddling, and not just about the Russian efforts.

So, the night after Obama’s Rose Garden act, Trump threw down at the third debate.

Daniel’s testimony confirm what we believed to be the case back in October 2016, Obama was desperate to not to throw shade on Clinton’s victory so she could succeed him without incident and get on with the business of burying the evidence of Obama’s criminality.