Just In: Man Caught Paying Off Kavanaugh Disruptors Has Been Identified & Look Who He He Works For …

Kirsters Baish| This past Tuesday, multiple Texas doctors, who were in attendance at the Kavanaugh hearing, claimed to reporter Adam Schindler that they had seen protesters being paid by organized activists with a literal “bag of cash.” Yes, these were “rent-a-mob” protesters, and the truth has been revealed.

Take a look at the video from Liberty Unyielding:

The Texas doctors attending the Washington, D.C. hearing were telling the truth when they claimed that protesters were being paid with a bag of cash by event organizers.

Adam Schindler soon posted a picture online of a protester who had been taken out of the Kavanaugh hearing by authorities being paid with a bag of cash.

The man who was paying the protester was a professional activist named Vinay Krishnan.

Krishnan is an “organizer of civil disobedience.” He spends his time working for a Soros-funded group called Center for Popular Democracy.

Here he is on a regular day at the job:

Vinay deactivated his Twitter page after this week’s commotion.

He popped up again, however, on Wednesday. He was back at it, paying protesters with a bag of cash.

The work never ends for those bowing down to George Soros.