Just In: Disgraced FBI Dirty Cop/Lawyer Lisa Page Caught In Huge Lie … Her Team Did Review Requested Documents

Kirsters Baish| Anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page, along with her legal counsel, announced on Tuesday that she will not be appearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee this Wednesday, even though she had been issued a Congressional subpoena.

Page was issued the subpoena to appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee for a closed-door interview this Wednesday.

Page’s lawyer made the argument that she was not allowed a proper amount of time to prepare herself for the interview. She claims that she was also not allowed to look over requested documents while at the FBI this past Tuesday.

That’s is just one big lie, and we all know that. Now we are learning this: Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows sent out a tweet today saying that Lisa Page and her lawyers had looked over the requested documents while at the FBI this past Tuesday. That means that she lied to the media. This woman needs to be arrested immediately.

Fox News reports that Judge Andrew Napolitano stated that Lisa Page having chosen to ignore a subpoena to testify is a head scratcher. Fox News spoke to Page’s lawyer on Tuesday, who said that even though she was subpoenaed to testify, Page will not be appearing for the closed-door interview on Wednesday with the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees.

Page is being looked at very closely after having exchanged damning anti-Trump text messages with fellow FBI agent and lover Peter Strzok. Strzok has a public testimony set for Thursday in front of the committees.

Insider.FoxNews.com reports:

Page and Strzok — paramours while working within the agency — worked on the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Napolitano called Page’s defiance “a bit of a head-scratcher” on Wednesday.

Napolitano said, “The subpoena requires that you show up. It can’t require that you answer because you have the right to remain silent.”

He explained that by Page saying she won’t show up, she’s making things harder for herself legally.

Page’s lawyer, Amy Jeffress, claimed in a statement that Page wasn’t granted enough time to properly prepare herself for the interview.

Napolitano explained on Wednesday that if the disgraced FBI lawyer actually needed more time to prepare herself for the interview, she should have been given that time so that she could deliver an honest testimony.

Napolitano explained, “She could go to jail if they really want to press it for blowing off. But there is no penalty for showing up invoking your Fifth Amendment right to silence.”

This woman cannot hide forever. Justice will be served.