Democrat Congresswoman Arrested On Capital Hill

Kirsters Baish| Have the leftists of America become totally unhinged? It’s certainly beginning to seem that way. Democrat California Representative Maxine Waters called for supporters to attack members of the Trump administration. Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has called for followers to take to the streets in violent protest. It seems that all of Hollywood is in on the anti-Trump train. Liberals all over are desperately trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

Now in some breaking news, one Democratic congresswoman has been arrested on Capitol Hill for protesting against the President.

The Seattle Times reports that Democratic United States Representative from Seattle, Pramila Jayapal, was taken into custody by authorities yesterday on Capitol Hill. Jayapal, along with around five hundred other liberal women, were arrested after taking part in a protest against the Trump White House and our country’s border and immigration politics.

The Democratic congresswoman stated that she was asked to speak in front of the crowd at the protest being held by a group of women located at the Hart Senate Office Building. The group of protesters claimed that their actions were the direct result of the Trump administration’s “no nonsense” style of dealing with illegal immigration.

During an interview, Jayapal stated, “I decided that I, too, would sit down with them and submit to arrest. We chanted and sang and talked about the need to reunite these families and to end the President’s zero-tolerance policy.”

Take a look at the video interview below:

What Congresswoman Jayapal and the rest of these anti-Trump protesters need to understand is that these policies were first put into place by former President George W. Bush. They were then carried on throughout the Obama administration. Did we once see former President Obama try to reverse these policies? No. In fact, there are tons of images circulating the internet being labeled as current images of the border crisis, however, these images are from circa 2014… when Obama was President. Images of children sleeping under tin foil sheets, locked in cages. Yup, from the Obama era.

So, you’re telling me that the Democrats are finally angry enough about these policies to do something? They are targeting Trump simply because he believes in following the law. When the man tried to change the laws to make it so illegal immigrant families are not separated, the Democrats blocked him anyway. All they want is another reason to complain.

And as for Jayapal, what a lovely role model for our daughters. Let’s make sure that they know that the way to get what you want in life is to complain and act out violently until you get arrested.