Just In, A Bombshell: Representative Gaetz: “Twitter Deliberately Targeting Me, Nunes, Meadows, Jordan For Shadowbanning”

Kirsters Baish| Republican Congresman Matt Gaetz of Florida slammed social media site Twitter on Wednesday, claiming that they have been targeting head GOP lawmakers, including Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan for shadowbanning. The unconstitutional censorship of Conservatives isn’t just limited to pro-Trump accounts anymore. Now the liberal social media platform is going after lawmakers who have shown support for President Trump in the past.

It was just last week that Republican Representative Gaetz stood in front of the House Judiciary Committee and totally destroyed Twitter while taking part in a hearing regarding the biased censorship of Conservatives accounts in the social media world. Now Gaetz is questioning why Twitter decided it was appropriate to shadowban his account.

Gaetz tweeted, “BREAKING: @Twitter deliberately targeting @RepMarkMeadows, @Jim_Jordan, @DevinNunes, & me to be #Shadowbanned.

Is it only a coincidence that these allegations would arise the week following my heated exchange with Twitter Executives before the Judiciary Committee??”

Representative Gaetz called attention to the Twitter shadowban on his account this past Tuesday.

Gaetz tweeted, “Hey @Twitter, are you shadow-banning my twitter account?? It would appear so.”

Twitter user Ali Alexander demonstrated how the social media platform is shadowbanning the Conservative Congressman by blocking his Twitter user name from search results.

Alexander wrote, “Insanity. *Both* of @MattGaetz’s accounts have been taken out of not just the autocomplete but won’t even register when properly tagged. @RepMattGaetz

Governmental relations suicide considering the oversight powers he’ll have if GOP maintains House majority. @twittergov $twtr”

Alexander sent out another tweet saying, “You can spell or misspell one of the most newsworthy Congressmen in the country and nothing comes up.

See screenshot above and below.

But bots in bonnet seem to (David Brock?) @MattGaetz @RepMattGaetz @ twittergov”

Twitter has also gone after Republican Representative Devin Nunes, Republican Representative Mark Meadows, Republican Representative Jim Jordan and Republican Representative John Ratcliffe, all using shadowbanning.

Breitbart Tech reported on Wednesday that “the apparent suppression of autocomplete search suggestions for Republican congressman Matt Gaetz is an ‘error.’”