Just In: Federal Court Just Gave Trump The Biggest Win Of His Presidency

Kirsters Baish| A promise was made to the American people by President Trump during his campaign that if elected, he would do something about the immigration issues in our country. Trump had the brilliant idea of building a border wall between the United States and Mexico. A wall would obviously help to slow down the influx of illegal aliens from Mexico into the United States.

Unfortunately, Congressional Democrats have zero interest in any of it, and they have been fighting Trump tooth and nail at every single turn when it comes to the border wall.

President Trump received a huge victory in terms of the border wall this past Tuesday.

Washington Times reported:

A federal court cleared the way Tuesday for President Trump to build his border wall, ruling the administration has the power to waive a series of environmental laws to speed up construction.

The state of California and environmental groups had been counting on the lawsuit to derail the border wall, and the judge’s ruling to the contrary is a major boost to Mr. Trump.

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices,” he wrote in a 101-page ruling.

There is something even more interesting about this ruling. The judge who made the ruling is the very same judge who President Trump made accusations against for being biased during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Fox News reported:

Had Curiel ruled against Trump, he could have undermined the construction of barriers on unfenced portions of the border.

The Trump administration was sued back in September as part of its effort to block any construction of the border wall.

Curiel is the federal judge who then-candidate Donald Trump once accused of being biased against him – due to Curiel’s Mexican ancestry – during the campaign.

Curiel, whose parents emigrated from Mexico, was attacked by Trump in 2016. Trump said the judge held “tremendous hostility” against him in a lawsuit involving Trump University because of Curiel’s Mexican descent.

It’s clear that this isn’t about the Trump University case. This judge could still be biased… most federal judges are. But, Curiel did make the right decision here and there was no bias.

The wall will be erected, that you can be sure of. President Trump will be going back to check up on the prototypes of the wall very soon.

Roll Call reported that President Trump will be making his way to California next month on a trip across the country. He will be making eight stops to visit different prototypes for his United States-Mexico border wall. The Trump administration has requested that Congress give $18 billion to fund the wall. President Trump’s immigration reform ideas include a proposed trust fund of $25 billion which includes construction of the wall.