Just In: Father Of Murdered Student Accuses Chris Wallace of Politicizing Shooting for ‘More Ratings’ On LIVE TV

Kirsters Baish| Andrew Pollack, a grieving father who lost his daughter during the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, appeared on this weekend’s “Fox News Sunday.” He criticized host Chris Wallace for placing the focus on gun control rather than on school security.

Pollack stated, “I just heard what you said, what you’re focusing on, polarizing this event, the murder of these kids, you’re talking about gun control. I just had to listen to you, and Gov. Scott talks about gun control. Gun control is a big issue. No one in America is going to come together on control, Chris.”

There has been a huge focus on gun control from the left ever since the shooting took place, as the goal of the left is to disarm all Americans. They immediately began pushing the issue of gun control as soon as the shooting was made public. They are polarizing what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Pollack went on, “You didn’t say one thing about fixing it. We can get together on school safety. But when you polarize it, this event and every other media — we don’t care about gun control right now. That’s a big issue in the country, and you’re not going to get everyone together on it. But we are going to get everyone together on fixing our school.”

He finished off, “You are just talking about gun control which is going to just give you more ratings.”