Bernie Sanders Found Guilty of Colluding With Foreign Marxists Socialist Party

Elder Patriot – WMUR 9 in Manchester, New Hampshire earlier this week reported that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign had reached an agreement where the campaign and its co-conspirator, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) each paid fines of $14,500 for violating laws against foreign contributions to a presidential campaign.

The foreign “collusion” came to the attention of former New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien (R) thanks to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas’ hidden cameras:

While every aspect of the “arrangement” was illegal it was especially galling to see videos of the “volunteers” tearing down campaign signs that were promoting Donald Trump for president.

Whatever else these young Marxists might’ve thought about their other activities they had to have known that wasn’t right.

After Project Veritas released the videos, O’Brien filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission in March 2016 and that resulted in the FEC finding both “the not for sale” candidate Bernie Sanders and the ALP guilty this past week.

According to Project Veritas’ website:

“The video, released in 2016, showed Bernie Sanders staffers in New Hampshire and Nevada explaining that the Australian Labor Party used taxpayer dollars to send the staffers to help elect the Senator. According to the FEC agreement, this means the ALP made “prohibited foreign contributions” to the Sanders campaign.

WMUR’s John DiStaso also wrote about the Sanders-FEC agreement:

“In separate agreements filed on Feb. 14, the FEC writes that by paying the youths’ transportation costs and stipends, the party made an illegal contribution to a U.S. political campaign and the Sanders campaign broke the law by accepting paid services by the Australians.”

In the newest video, O’Keefe points out that the video received wide-spread attention from Australian media outlets but nary a mention by the mainstream media here in the United States, leading him to ask almost two years later: “Will the American media wake up?  Will they report this FEC action?”

Interestingly, Sanders was constantly complaining about Hillary Clinton’s financial ties to foreign entities and overseas connections on the campaign trail.

We chronicled a small portion of Hillary’s campaign’s financial “collusion” with foreign governments last year.

Actually, the Clintons’ financial collusion with foreign governments filled a book. Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich was a 2015 New York Times bestselling book. 

As independent investigative journalists have compiled undisputable evidence against Hillary Clinton and, to a far lesser extent Bernie Sanders, the media is instead obsessed with special counsel Robert Mueller’s fruitless search for evidence against President Donald Trump.

What more proof does anyone need to be convinced that the mainstream media matrix is the wholly owned propaganda arm of the globalists’ one world government movement?