Judicial Watch Leaks Carter Page FISA App Confirming Comey Guilty of Serious Crimes of Perjury, Entire Narrative In Jeopardy as Pee-Pee Dossier Was Central Intel For FISA Warrant App

Elder Patriot – The release by Judicial Watch of 412-pages of the heavily-redacted FISA application to conduct surveillance operations on American citizen Carter Page would seem to support the testimony fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe provided to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in December of last year.\

According to the memo that resulted from those hearings:

“Deputy Director McCabe testified before the Committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information.”

The veracity of that statement was never in question even though Democrats on the committee attempted to soft-peddle the importance of that revelation by obscuring it with claims that their Republican counterparts were being “partisan” and “protecting Trump.”

It now appears the application made to the FISA court was indeed founded almost solely on Steele’s phony dossier along with a compliant media willing to cycle the story around enough to give the impression the FBI was obtaining information from multiple sources when it in fact was the source for those “multiple media sources.”

From the IG REPORT:

We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters. Attached to this report as Attachments E and F are two link charts that reflect the volume of communications that we identified between FBI employees and media representatives in April/May and October 2016. We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review.

After reviewing the heavily-redacted FISC documents that Judicial Watch received after filing a FOIA request, Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett sounded off:

Here’s Comey telling Fox News’ Brett Baier that the dossier wasn’t the central focus of the application:

Comey said it was his recollection that the dossier was:

“… part of a broader mosaic of facts that were laid before the FISA judge to obtain a FISA warrant.  There was a significant amount of additional material about Page and why there was probable cause to believe he was an agent of a foreign power.”

That statement directly contradicted the statement of his second in command Andrew McCabe.  Comey was apparently trying to cover his tracks and felt it necessary to lie in order to obscure an admission he made to President Trump during a January 2017 meeting shortly after Trump’s inauguration that the dossier was “salacious and unverified.”

This was months after the FBI and DOJ filed its initial FISA application that relied almost exclusively on the phony dossier to legitimize its warrant request to the FISC.

Recently released text messages of the FBI’s lead investigator on the Trump-Russia collusion witch-hunt show that seven months after the FISC granted their surveillance they still had nothing on Trump.  More than that, Strzok was convinced that they never would.

From 2017-05-19 Peter Strzok, lead FBI investigator on the case texted to FBI Attorney assigned to Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, when she asked him about joining the special counsel’s probe:

“You and I both know the odds are nothing.  If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question.  I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

That was the considered opinion of a seasoned FBI investigator and Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI after a year of looking for some way to incriminate Donald Trump.

President Trump is correct when he calls it a witch-hunt.  A witch-hunt that would’ve been impossible to justify without the participation and compliance of the mainstream media.  How are they ever going to walk this back and regain any semblance of objectivity?