John Brennan Is Finished & Will Be Exposed For Role in Phony Dossier Scam As Judicial Watch Begins Offensive

Elder Patriot – John Brennan’s defenders are lying when they say he’s a good man and was a good CIA chief.  The facts say otherwise and it has become apparent that Barack Obama selected him to lead the CIA precisely for that reason.

The CIA director is required to be dispassionately apolitical.  His job is to supply the facts and let the politicians do what they will with them.  That wasn’t John Brennan.

Following a FOIA request, in 2013 Judicial Watch obtained the CIA transcript of Brennan leaking to TV commentators about “inside control” of a terrorism plot.

Brennan’s leak occurred on May 7, 2012 while he was Obama’s top counterterror adviser (political position).  At that briefing Brennan revealed to a number of TV terrorism consultants that the U.S. and its allies had “inside control over any plot” in its efforts to thwart a May 2012 terrorism bomb plot.

Judicial Watch clarified exactly what that meant:

The Brennan revelation of “inside control” – an intelligence community euphemism for spies within an enemy operation – reportedly helped lead to the disclosure of a previously well-kept secret at the heart of a joint U.S.-British-Saudi undercover terrorism operation inside Yemen-based al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). According to a Reuters May, 18, 2012, report:

The next day’s headlines were filled with news of a U.S. spy planted inside Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), who had acquired the latest, non-metallic model of the underwear bomb and handed it over to U.S. authorities.

At stake was an operation that could not have been more sensitive — the successful penetration by Western spies of AQAP, al Qaeda’s most creative and lethal affiliate. As a result of leaks, the undercover operation had to be shut down.

In May 2013, the Justice Department launched a wide-ranging investigation of leaks surrounding the thwarted “underwear bomb” terrorist attack. Defending the department’s seizure of phone records from The Associated Press, Attorney General Eric Holder described the leaks as “within the two or three most serious leaks I have ever seen.”

In the transcript obtained by Judicial Watch, Brennan led the phone call where he addressed the top terror consultants for ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS including Caitlin Hayden, Frances Townsend, Richard Clarke, Roger Cressey, and Juan Zarate. In an apparent attempt to soft-peddle the thwarted terrorist attack, Brennan twice exposes the covert operation; first at the outset of the call, then as the conference draws to a close. (read more)

It’s likely Obama chose Brennan to lead the CIA for this transgression and not in spite of it.  Stunningly, the Senate approved him with full knowledge of his propensity for having loose lips in the interest of self-promotion.

Once approved, Brennan didn’t disappoint Obama.  He understood his role was to protect the corrupt Washington establishment no matter what it took to do so.

Now, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton has set his sights on proving the critical role that Brennan’s played in the phony dossier scandal:

Brennan has come under public scrutiny as one of the suspected prime movers of the “Spygate” scandal against then-candidate Trump and his team during 2015 and 2016 and later against President Trump and members of his administration.

Judicial Watch explains:

According to “Russian Roulette,” by Yahoo! News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff and David Corn, the Washington bureau chief of the left-wing Mother Jones magazine, Brennan contacted Reid on Aug. 25, 2016, to brief him on the state of Russia’s interference in the presidential campaign. Brennan briefed other members of the so-called Gang of Eight, but Reid is the only who took direct action.

Two days after the briefing, Reid wrote a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey asserting that “evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount.”

Reid called on Comey to investigate the links “thoroughly and in a timely fashion.”

And, the coup was underway.

Now Judicial Watch has filed another FOIA request to prove Brennan’s criminal use of his office.

The Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the CIA failed to respond to a February 12, 2018, FOIA request for:


  • All records of communications, including but not limited to letters, emails, text messages, and instant chats, between former CIA Director John Brennan and/or officials in the CIA Director’s Office on the one hand, and Senator Harry Reid and/or members of Senator Reid’s staff on the other hand, regarding, concerning or relating to the Christopher Steele “dossier” and/or alleged “collusion” between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.
  • Copies of any reports, memoranda or other materials provided to Senator Reid and/or members of his staff by the CIA relating to alleged Russian “collusion” or cooperation between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.
  • All materials, including briefing reports and memos, audio/video presentations, PowerPoint presentations and any other records, used by CIA Director Brennan and/or other CIA officials to brief Senator Reid and/or members of his staff on alleged “collusion” between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.
  • All notes, minutes, transcripts, and audio and/or visual recordings made of any and all briefings provided by the CIA to Senator Reid and/or members of his staff regarding alleged “collusion” between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.


Brennan abused his powers as head of the CIA to defame a candidate for the presidency and then to turn it into a coup attempt after Donald Trump had been elected.

The firewalls that corrupt members of the Obama administration had constructed, and that were propagated and defended by the corrupt mainstream media, are being broken down at an ever faster rate.  Sooner or later one of these rats will opt for a deal lest they all hang together.

No one ever said that draining this swamp was going to be easy.