Judge T.S. Ellis Just Spanked Mueller In Open Court … Again! Rules In Favor of Manafort, Says Witch Hunter Must Reveal Names of Key Witnesses

Kirsters Baish| Reagan appointed Judge T.S. Ellis ruled on Monday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would have to publicly name all five of the witness who were granted immunity. This is devastating for the Special Counsel.

Ultra-left news source Politico reports:

A federal judge ruled Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller must make public the identities of five witnesses that his prosecutors have granted immunity in exchange for their testimony at the upcoming criminal trial of former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III gave the order to unseal the witnesses’ identities, as well as a complete list of who is going to be called by prosecutors to testify, at the end of a 30-minute hearing in his Alexandria, Virginia, courtroom that primarily revolved around Manafort’s motion to postpone his case until he’s finished fighting a separate suite of charges brought by Mueller in Washington.

Ellis heard arguments on Manafort’s plea for the delay — with the longtime GOP operative seated at the defense table, clean shaven and in his green jail jumpsuit — and said he would release a decision at 2 p.m.

Currently, it is expected that possible jurors for the Manafort trial will arrive at the Virginia courthouse on Tuesday. Jury selection is set to start on the following Wednesday.

It was just last Tuesday that Special Counsel Mueller decided to grant five potential witnesses in the Manafort trial immunity, as stated by a court filing. Robert Mueller reportedly filed said requests under seal. Paul Manafort is being charged with tax fraud and bank fraud. His trial is set to start on Wednesday. It will take place in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Since the five witnesses who received immunity have not been charged, Ellis has demanded that Mueller provide their identities to the public once and for all.

It was announced by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday night that he had two sources personally confirm to him that Robert Mueller had offered Tony Podesta immunity. Podesta is the brother of John Podesta, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chair. Why else would Mueller help him? Podesta is officially the 6th Democrat linked to the Clinton family to be given immunity. Paul Manafort, however, continues to sit in prison for having allegedly committed the same crime.

The New York Times writes:

Mueller’s team wanted the identities of their witnesses to remain confidential, saying in a filing last week that they haven’t been criminally charged and not naming them would avoid “undue harassment.”

But Judge T.S. Ellis, a Ronald Reagan appointee, said they would be identified.

He also ordered Mueller’s office to provide a list of about 30 witnesses to Manafort’s lawyers.

President Trump’s ex-campaign chairman was in court seeking a postponement of his financial fraud trial, which is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

This could be a fatal blow to Mueller’s ridiculous witch hunt that has gone on for far too long now. They have no evidence against President Trump, and it’s been a year and a half. Things are falling apart very quickly for Mueller, and that has become evident.