Judge Jeanine Pirro Risks It All To Call Out Jeff Sessions, Asks The 1 Question No One Will “They Got Something on You?” Demands He Resign

Last night, during her opening monologue, the fearless Judge Jeannie Pirro risked it all to call out the feckless Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  Pirro went so far as to demand the MIA AG resign his post.

Patriots have been calling for Sessions to be removed or fired for over a year now.

The Gateway Pundit Reported: Fair-minded Judge Jeanine slammed the current AWOL Attorney General.

Have you no self-esteem, no self- regard, self-respect?  Where is your dignity?  Why would you stay in a job when you’re not wanted.  A job you took under false pretenses knowing you wouldn’t be able to do the complete job and why do you continue to stay?

No one elected you Jeff, voted for you, petitioned to make sure you got the job.  You’re certainly not entitled to the job. You groveled and begged for the job and out of loyalty, he gave it to you.  You’re so clueless you don’t even know you’re being used.   You don’t even know you’re nothing but a shill.  In fact the only constituency that wants you is the Deep State that needs someone to protect their flank from an investigation….

Jeff, if you’re not corrupt and in the fix isn’t in because they got something on you, then you’ve been duped.

In November of 2017 we called on Sessions to resign. We noted that if he continued in his current pattern he would be known as the modern day Benedict Arnold.  Benedict Arnold is the name that goes down in US history as the greatest traitor to the nation. According to biography.com –

Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on January 14, 1741. A member of the Sons of Liberty, Arnold rose to the rank of general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Frustrated by the lack of recognition, he subsequently switched sides to the British and plotted the surrender of West Point. When his traitorous plans came to light, Arnold escaped capture and eventually made his way to England. He died in London on June 14, 1801.

We noted that the US today faces a time as important as the American Revolution. President Trump was voted into office by the American people last year at this time. He won in an electoral landslide. Before the election he was attacked, but since the election the prior Obama Administration, the Clintons, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood, some elitist Republicans and the ‘deep state’ have tried to steal his win. This concerted attack in large part may be because liberals in the US don’t want President Trump to uncover their illegal and traitorous actions when Obama was President. Read More @ The Gateway Pundit

Enough is enough.  Trump’s campaign was run based on the idea of restoring law and order to the nation.  His central principle was locking up all the corrupt politicians in the swamp.  Trump can not do this without control of the Justice Department.  Sessions, save face and resign at once.  The fate of the nation depends on it.