Judge Ellis Loses Patience, Shouts at Mueller’s Prosecutors & Shuts Down Court Early In Manafort Trial

Kirsters Baish| It was reported that Judge T.S. Ellis, who is presiding over the Manafort trial, finally lost patience with Mueller’s prosecutors after making the same mistake two times this Thursday and decided to end court early. Mueller’s lawyers clearly don’t know what they’re doing. The Gateway Pundit correctly described it as “amateur hour.”

Judge Ellis actually waved his finger at the prosecution while he scolded them in open court.

Law and Crime reports that J. Philip Ayliff was the last witness to be called to the stand. Ayliff is a certified public accountant at the tax-prep agency that Paul Manafort had used for years, Kositzka, Wicks and Co. (KWC). The company is located in Richmond, Virginia.

Nothing of interest came up at all during the witness’s testimony, and the minutes seemed to drag on. For the most part, Ayliff spoke about basic tax-preparation company functions in his testimony. Afterwards, the prosecution began talking about attempts to “publish” a Manafort e-file form. Judge Ellis had all eyes on him when he denied the request. He even waved his finger at the prosecutors while yelling, “No! You move it along!”

The prosecution attempted to regain their composure and began asking the witness to define for them the term “financial interest.” The witness answered, but was cut off almost instantly by Judge Ellis. The Judge interjected that Ayliff could not define it because he was not an expert. It was then that the defense objected.

Law and Crime writes:

Static filled the courtroom as the longest bench conference of the day ensued. Upon returning to Ayliff’s testimony, the jury learned that the issue had been deferred until Friday–if ever. Then, Assistant U.S. Attorney Uzo Asonye asked about another term of art contained on federal tax forms.

Judge Ellis was standing when he asked Ayliff to hold off. He then announced that he would be ending court early for the day, calling a recess.

When the jury exited, the Judge told the media what was said during the bench conference. He explained that Ayliff is not an expert on the matter who is noticed by the Federal Rules of Evidence, however, his testimony could have caused confusion about the definition. Ellis explained this could have “confused or clouded” the jury’s thought process.

Judge Ellis is a Reagan appointee. He was unhappy on Wednesday when Mueller’s prosecution complained over and over again about Manafort’s expensive suits and rich lifestyle.

“It isn’t a crime to have money and be profligate with your spending,” Judge Ellis shot back at Mueller’s lawyer, Asonye.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

On Wednesday Mueller’s lawyers took a beating from Judge Ellis after they went into detail about Manafort’s spending habits, whining about his expensive suits and how he paid for them via wire transfer–as if that’s somehow illegal.

At one point, Judge Ellis became so irritated with Mueller’s thugs fixating on Manafort’s spending habits, he interrupted the prosecutor and sternly said, “Let’s move on. Enough is enough. They can add.”

It doesn’t look like Mueller’s lawyers hold up very well when they’re having to deal with a no nonsense judge like T.S Ellis. They seem to be imploding on themselves, getting themselves into trouble just about every day.