Judas Alert: Trey Gowdy Throws Trump Under Bus, Joins Globalists In Heartbreaking Double Cross

Elder Patriot – I’ve held off commenting on Congressman Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) recent interview with Fox News’ Martha McCallum until we were able to conduct an unemotional and reasoned analysis of what he said and why he said it. 

Gowdy has been, or so we were led to believe, a conservative icon of sorts.  His pointed questioning and determined prosecutorial style made him a favorite of conservatives looking for someone to expose all of the Clinton-Obama scandals over the eight years of the Manchurian president’s administration.

Gowdy gained our trust by conducting intense interrogations during his time sitting on committees investigating Obama and Hillary Clinton’s scandals.  It’s only in retrospect, and in light of his recent incredible statements to McCallum, that we get the whole measure of the man.

During the interview Gowdy focused his comments on the fact that President Trump, having been told by FBI Director James Comey that he was not a target of the investigation, told the director that it would be good to find out if anyone associated with his campaign had done anything wrong. 

That wasn’t the case and Gowdy knew that hadn’t been the case.

Gowdy was setting that as the predicate to justify the CIA-FBI-DOJ-Foreign Intelligence Services surveillance of Donald Trump, both the candidate and the president.  There are glaring problems believing Gowdy’s contention that Trump should be pleased because the FBI did exactly what he had asked Comey to do.

Not the least of Gowdy’s self-incriminating gibberish is that as, both, an experienced attorney and Washington insider he would know that the surveillance operation broke the law regardless of what President Trump thought or said about it.

According to Gowdy, Trump should be pleased, but neither the timeline nor the facts support Gowdy’s assertion.  Gowdy has to know this because it has all been reported by the mainstream media at one point or another.

First, as reported by the British news organization Guardian, British intelligence, MI6 and GCHQ, began investigating Donald Trump in 2015 shortly after he announced his candidacy.   Any experienced investigator would be asking what did Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan know and when did he know it? 

As a member of the Five Eyes (Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States) intelligence sharing program it is unfathomable that CIA director John Brennan wasn’t made aware of the Brits’ activities by his counterpart at Government Communications Headquarters, Robert Hannigan.  There’s also the likelihood that Brennan had actually asked Hannigan to begin a program to discredit Trump.

The fact that Brennan hasn’t been asked about the concerns of British Intel may be because the answer to that question might blow the whole Russian narrative and spygate to kingdom come.  This heightens concerns that Brennan was directing the operation under cover of the Brits. 

Americans should demand to know whether that was the case.  This also casts shade on Gowdy.  Is Gowdy ignorant of this information or does he too want to keep the answer hidden?  A serious prosecutor would be demanding answers to that question – especially a prosecutor charged with oversight of American Intel services.

Then there’s the fact that the FBI’s informants/spies began “brushing” members of Trump’s campaign – George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis, Carter Page – months before (but definitely no later than July 2016) Steele ever composed the dossier.

That should also trouble Gowdy.  The dossier was the pivotal piece of evidence used to deceive the FISA court in order to begin its surveillance of Trump.  What were they doing before that and why didn’t they approach Donald Trump to ask for his assistance if Trump hadn’t been a target of Comey’s investigation?

If Trump knew this when he told Comey in March of 2017 that he should investigate his team it was only because he had no idea that Hillary Clinton had essentially bought and paid for a FISA warrant to spy on his campaign and that prior to that a partisan FBI had began its own campaign at the behest of John Brennan.

Gowdy knows this, too.  Gowdy also knows that Comey had kept those tasked with Congressional oversight (the Gang of Eight) in the dark about his agency’s activities for nine months.  Why?  The Go8 are specifically chosen for their integrity (I’ll wait for you to stop laughing) so that they may be briefed and kept up to date on sensitive matters, quarterly.

Gowdy would have you believe that Trump wasn’t a target of the FBI’s investigation but that the bureau was simply investigesting Russian attempts to interfere in the election and some Trump associates were innocently swept up in the inquiry.

Gowdy has developed a convenient case of amnesia.  Comey testified multiple times – including at committee meetings that Gowdy was present for – that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign for possible coordination with Russia.

Comey can’t take that back now.  So, why has the once reliable Gowdy taken to parroting Obama’s corrupt former-DNI James Clapper who shifted to this CYA narrative after spygate began taking on water? 

Finally, while Devin Nunes was sitting in the recusal penalty box, Gowdy sat in for him and was briefed by Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan.  Either Brennan lied to him and he’s covering for him now, or he was never properly briefed and, and, well he’s covering for that, as well.

Looking back at all of those intense interrogations of Clinton and Obama administration officials Gowdy seemed like a solidly trustworthy conservative but now we have to acknowledge that the results were always the same – not a single criminal referral resulted.  When he had the chance to actually do something he did nothing. 

It was all dog and pony shows.

Following his interview with Martha McCallum where he aped the buffoonish and desperate James Clapper only now can we conclude that Gowdy can’t to be trusted.  Gowdy was building his cred with conservatives while doing nothing to upset Washington’s Globalist OneParty (WGOP).

With the the increasingly transparent un-Constitutional CIA-FBI-DOJ efforts to originally tarnish candidate Trump, and later to remove President Trump finally gaining the public awareness, Gowdy has decided that the time has come to use his political capital to defend the WGOP.

Make no mistake about it, when push comes to shove there are no Democrats or Republicans, there is only the Washington Globalist OneParty.