John McCain Set to Star in Anti-Trump Conspiracy Movie Just a Week After His Death

Kirsters Baish| Since his passing, late Senator John McCain has been treated like a United States war hero. Yes, McCain did spend time as a prisoner of war, but does that make him a hero? Interestingly enough, McCain felt that his job was not over in this lifetime, and he has a final word from beyond the grave.

McCain was so anti-Trump, he fought the President at every step. John McCain had one last slap-in-the-face to President Trump, from beyond the grave. Take a look at the theatrical trailer of “Active Measures: A Conspiracy Hiding In Plain Sight.”

The Gateway Pundit reports that McCain’s final act in this life was to push this disgusting anti-Trump conspiracy film.

It was reported by the Daily Mail that Senator John McCain took the time during his final days of life to appear in an anti-Trump documentary, in which he heeds warning to Americans about the President and his alleged “ties” to Russia.

In the Jack Bryan film “Active Measures,” Senator McCain can be seen alongside failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as well as Yahoo News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff, and others. They are all speaking about President Trump, the 2016 election, and President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The film is set to debut in theaters all around the country on August 31, 2018… which is tomorrow. Interestingly enough, the movie is being released just a week after McCain’s death, following a year long battle with brain cancer.

“The fact that there was an attack on the fundamental—the absolute fundamental—a free and fair election, should alarm all of us,” McCain stated in a video clip that The Daily Beast was able to get their hands on.

The late Arizona Senator is talking about multiple reports that alleged that the Russian government had taken part in some kind of meddling during the 2016 United States presidential election. Putin adamantly denies the claims. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team have been desperately grasping at straws, trying to find any evidence of collusion that would tie Trump to Russia, but they have failed miserably.

Isikoff can be seen in the documentary claiming that the idea of Russian involvement in the election “spooked officials in the White House.”

He also stated “And that’s the moment, I think, that the enormity of the Russian influence campaign really started to hit home.”

Hillary Clinton stated, “People were seeing this dangerous, troubling activity coming from the Russians that was actually in our electoral system.”

Even after death, McCain is still trying to bring down President Trump.