Jihadist Who Sought To Kill 4 Year Old Prince George Gets Brutal “Prison Justice”

Kirsters Baish| Generally speaking, most Americans understand the way that our country’s prisons work. There is a sense of hierarchy in American prisons, where even hardened criminals have standards. There is one specific thing that automatically puts an inmate at the bottom of the chain, and that is being a pedophile. Inmates who have thoughts or habits of hurting children generally don’t do very well in prison. Even the most brutal of criminals understand that children are innocent and should not be harmed. It boils down to this: pedophiles and anyone else who harms children is at a much higher risk of being attacked, and that’s exactly what happened to one terrorist who had a passion for hurting children.

The convicted terrorist, 32-year-old Islamic State group follower Husnain Rashid, had threatened acts of violence against the United Kingdom’s Prince George, who is only five years old. The U.K. Sun reported that the terrorist was stabbed with a shiv after being attacked by at least one other prisoner. The attacker has not been identified by authorities yet.

Rashid is serving three consecutive life sentences after having confessed to three separate counts of “engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts,” in addition to a four-and-a-half year sentence for “encouraging terrorism” among fellow jihadists, as reported by the Sun.

Rashid first found himself in trouble after sharing photos of a then-4-year-old Prince George imposed onto an image with a jihadist soldier. There was a message along with the image which read, “Even the royal family will not be left alone.”

He had also encouraged other jihadists to put poison into ice cream containers in stores. He pushed for vehicles to go off road and run down pedestrians at the World Cup tournament in Russia. Rashid also shared numerous other highly disturbing photos on the internet. He also posted advice on getting weapons and committing terrorists attacks.

The U.K. Daily Star reports that the terrorist was jumped in prison on Wendesday, July 25. At least one other inmate attacked Rashid inside the Manchester Strageways prison. It was reported that a toothbrush with a razor blade attached to the end was used to stab Rashid near his right ear.

An anonymous source at the prison explained, “There was blood all over his cell and the landing. Nobody likes him or what he did, like threatening that young royal lad and all the ice cream stuff.”

“We don’t tolerate that kind of thing in Strangeways,” the source went on.

It was reported that Rashid was taken to a hospital to receive treatment.

“A prisoner received hospital treatment for minor injuries following an incident at HMP Manchester on Wednesday 25 June,” explained a Prison Services spokesperson to the Sun. “An investigation is taking place.”

While “prison justice” isn’t exactly the way things are supposed to be done by the book, and we don’t condone it, anyone who threatens the life of a child really should be watching their back in prison.

Conservative Tribune explains:

In other words, don’t call for violence against innocent children unless you are prepared to defend yourself from others — even convicted criminals — who instinctively understand that innocent children must be protected.

As radical Islamic terrorism continues to fester around the globe and true justice for criminal jihadists seems spotty at best, this would-be murderous militant will not only spend the rest of his life behind bars, but will also likely spend the rest of his days in fear of what his fellow convicts may do to him in response to his atrocious calls for violent jihad against children.