James Woods Tells Adam Schiff to “Shut His Pie-Hole” & Calls Him Out On His BullS***

Kirsters Baish| I think by now we’re all fairly used to outspoken conservative actor James Woods and his harsh criticisms for the liberals of America. Recently, far-left news network CNN posting a horrifying video of Adam Schiff’s district. Woods wasn’t holding back when he responded to seeing the video, and it’s not looking very good for Schiff at this point. 

Watch the video:

The conservative actor annihilated Schiff by saying that he really needs to “shut up” and do something for the “pour souls” who reside in his district.

Let’s get real here. Did CNN really think it was a good idea to show Skid Row as the hellhole that it really is? All that came out of releasing such a horrific video was the inevitable backlash from Americans. How can 49 blocks of somewhere like Los Angeles look like a third world country? People are living in tents and cardboard boxes while rich politicians like Adam Schiff go home to their lavish mansions and sleep in their warm beds. The left is all about giving to charity when it’s someone else’s money, but when it comes time to really make sacrifices for others, they are unwilling to do so.

Many of those living on Skid Row suffer from drug addictions, mental illness, and other medical problems. There are more than 2,000 homeless Americans within those 49 blocks. It’s time for the Democrats in charge to figure out a way to offer better living conditions for those living on Skid Row.

Schiff had better put on his big boy pants and figure out a way to help the people stuck in his district.