James Woods Posts Video Footage of Jimmy Kimmel Sexually Degrading & Humiliating Woman While She’s Not Looking

Kirsters Baish| Leftist late night television talk show host Jimmy Kimmel prides himself on being an advocate for the liberal agenda. Conservative actor James Woods never has a problem telling it like it is, and he had something to say about the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” star’s reputation and who he really is. The two are not the same. In a tweet that went viral, Woods posted video footage of Kimmel from his old television show, “The Man Show.” Who Kimmel appeared to be in the video was truly disgusting.

The video that Woods posted shows Kimmel pretending to do sexually obscene things to the young attractive woman in the video. If this video were of a conservative actor you can be sure the left would be all over it. Conservative Tribune reported, “First, Kimmel pantomimes grabbing the woman’s buttocks with both hands. Then, he simulates performing oral sex on her before finally moving to mock penetration.”

This is the type of thing that we expect from someone like Harvey Weinstein, but Jimmy Kimmel is known as a nice guy in Hollywood, or at least that’s what liberals believe.

Take a look at Woods’ tweet below. The caption reads, “Jimmy Kimmel doing his best Al Franken imitation…”

Woods’ Twitter post has been retweeted more than 6,000 times as of this morning. There was a big debate among Woods’ largely diverse Twitter following. Some Twitter users claimed that if Kimmel was simply doing it all for a comedy show, the woman would have had to consent to his behavior, even if her consent came afterwards just to allow the footage to be played on the air. Most responses were not so forgiving of Kimmel.

Conservative Tribune reported:

Considering that Kimmel-loving liberals were frothing at the mouth just before the 2016 election over recorded statements from over a decade ago in which then-Republican candidate Donald Trump bragged harmlessly about his approach to women, Woods’ Twitter post really highlights the hypocrisy that motivates the left.

Some of those responding to Woods’ tweet pointed that out.

It’s crazy to think that it was just in December that Al Franken was forced to resign after allegations were made against him. Multiple women came forward claiming that he was a serial groper. Franken was then convicted after the photo below was published, proving that he had groped the breasts of a sleeping woman who was traveling with him on a USO tour.

Kimmel is just another big-headed Hollywood loudmouth pushing the liberal agenda. He is just as big a hypocrite as he looks like.