James Woods Posts The Video Barack Wanted America to Forget… Destroys Obama Legacy

Kirsters Baish| Liberals love to claim that former President Barack Obama left behind some kind of epic legacy. This is the reality of his legacy. The Democrats and the mainstream media continue to claim all sorts of things about President Trump, simply because they don’t like him. It’s about time to throw the “Russian collusion” narrative out the window, but not before Americans are reminded of a time when Democrats majorly downplayed a Russian threat during the Obama administration.

There’s a video going around the internet that will jog your memory, but Barack Obama wishes it would just disappear.

President Trump is currently getting ready to meet with President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The meeting will take place in Helsinki, Finland, and it will be the two leaders first joint summit. In the midst of all that is going on, liberals aren’t going to want to see this video.

It happened in October of 2012 during the finishing debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Boca Raton, Florida at Lynne University.

Republican challenger Romney had run through a laundry list of issues and dangers created by Islamic terrorism. Then Obama said something that made him look like a total idiot.

Conservative actor turned Twitter troll James Woods posted the video on Saturday, reminding America of the gem. He wrote, “This is like an ice cream Sundae.”

Take a look at the video in the clip below:

“Governor Romney, I’m glad that you recognize that Al Qaida is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia, not Al Qaida. You said Russia. And the 1980s, they’re now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years,” Obama stated.

This is the true essence of the Obama administration. Obama was so arrogant to consider Romney beneath contempt.

Conservative Tribune writes:

(The video in the tweet Woods was passing on clearly originated with an Obama supporter, judging by the implied mockery of the music and the zoom in on Romney’s face. Russia isn’t looking so funny to liberals now.)

What the video really proved, though, is that, as usual, when Democrats are accusing Republicans of something, it’s because they’re guilty of it themselves.

In the case of the Trump-“Russia collusion” fantasy, the party of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hope Americans don’t remember the infamous “reset” button of Clinton’s first major initiative of her cursed time as America’s secretary of state.

They’re hoping Americans don’t remember how Obama unilaterally abandoned a planned missile defense screen against Russia in Central Europe back in 2009. Even left-wing news sites like The Guardian covered it then, though the mainstream media says little about it now.

Liberals are really hoping that Americans are forgetful and do not remember that Obama was the one who wanted to use “flexibility” when dealing with negotiations with Russia. The mainstream media wants to forget this important fact.

Videos like this one make it impossible to hide the truth. Woods’ 1.6 million Twitter followers saw the truth. Republican presidents have never been the problem. Obama was the one who went soft and claimed that he would practice “flexibility” in negations with the Russians.

Things are not looking good for the “Obama legacy.” It seems as though Americans are learning more and more about the former President that is leaving a sour taste in their mouths. And with seasoned Twitter trolls like James Woods, it’s not likely that Americans are going to be