James Woods Destroys Liberal “Actress” Alyssa Milano W/ Her Own Tweet After She Posts Selfie Attacking Conservatives

Kirsters Baish| Democrats are still up in arms about President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They can’t seem to get over it. The truth is that Kavanaugh is more than qualified for the job, so their ridiculous efforts to try and delegitimize his nomination are pointless. They are looking more and more desperate with every passing month, and now liberal actress Alyssa Milano has spoken out against Kavanaugh… which made things 100x worse for herself and the rest of the Democrats, because she ended up looking like a fool.

It is expected that Kavanaugh’s hearing will come in late September. He was nominated by President Trump to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is retiring.

Alyssa Milano is working alongside other leftists to work to get senators to vote against President Trump’s nominee. They are basing their arguments off of what they think his opinion is on the popular case Roe v. Wade. There is no definite word on which way Kavanaugh would vote on such a case.

This past Sunday, the liberal actress took to Twitter to share a photo of herself wearing clothing from “Handmaid’s Tale.” She was holding a sign which read, “Never Kavanaugh, Never Gilead” sign. It was taken in Phoenix, Arizona where Milano had traveled with the “Rise Up for Roe” pro-abortion tour, although she didn’t appear to understand how to spell, “Phoenix”

Milano made a rookie mistake that almost everyone who uses the internet knows. You never post an image of yourself holding up a sign with writing on it. It’s so easy for people to edit a photo like that and change your message to whatever they please. That’s exactly what happened to Ms. Milano. Now, she’s just another meme on the internet.

Conservative actor turned master Twitter troll James Woods invited his followers to have some fun and get creative with Milano’s sign, offering them a copy of the picture with a blank canvas in place of Milano’s anti-Kavanaugh message. He wrote, “Have a ball, kids…”:

The internet trolls came at Milano full force. Take a look at what Twitter users had to say about Milano’s tweet:
It looks like Alyssa Milano learned the hard way not to post dumb political pictures of herself on the internet. Hopefully others will learn from her mistake.