Devastating: The Extent Of HRC’s Crimes Begin To Leak .. THIS Is Why Trump Refuses To Let Her Go, She Gave Them Everything

In light of the Clintons’ decades long association with China, that might qualify anyone else (certainly Donald Trump) as a foreign agent, here’s a question that needs to be answered: Did Hillary Clinton deliberately provide China with access to that server?

Whether Hillary did so because she was being paid to do so, or because she was being blackmailed, is immaterial.  

That Congress didn’t rise up to stop the Clintons 20-plus years of “mistakes”makes them complicit and should disqualify them from office.  

The fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein, who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, employed a Chinese spy for 20 years and hasn’t been impeached is troubling.

What if Donald Trump was found to have a Russian spy in his midst even for a single round of golf?

Cold anger. Feel it.  Live it.